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Marie Claire Harp

About Marie Claire Harp

TV show host who has worked as a political commentator for the Fox News Channel. She has also worked as the Acting Spokesperson and Deputy Spokesperson of the State Department.

Early life

She graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with a Bachelors in Political Science.


She worked as the Senior Advisor of Strategic Communications to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry at the United States Department of State. She has over 850,000 followers on her marieclaireoficial Instagram account.

Family of Marie Claire Harp

Her parents are Jane Ax Harf and James E. Harf.

Close associates of Marie Claire Harp

She and Tammy Bruce have both worked as Fox News Commentators. 

Brad Evans

About Brad Evans

American midfielder who joined the United States national team in 2009. He began his MLS career with the Columbus Crew in 2007, then joined the Seattle Sounders FC in 2009.

Early life

He played college soccer at UC Irvine.


He helped the Columbus Crew win the MLS Cup in 2008

Family of Brad Evans

He was born to Tom and Dawn Grippando.

Close associates of Brad Evans

He became teammates with Landon Donovan on the United States national team in 2009.

Jonathan Zambrano

About Jonathan Zambrano

TikTok star known for posting comedic videos about being Hispanic and featuring commentary about Hispanic families. He has earned more than 750,000 fans on his TikTok account jzgarcia.

Early life

He previously played soccer. 


His TikToks feature videos such as “annoying things that Hispanic moms do” and “Being Mexican at school.” 

Family of Jonathan Zambrano

He has a younger sister and a older sister. His parents are from Michoacán, Mexico.

Close associates of Jonathan Zambrano

He has posted TikToks referencing Donald Trump.

Veronica Choulga

About Veronica Choulga

Lip sync and skit content creator who is best known for sharing short videos on her bucket.hat.blonde TikTok account. Her on the platform led to her amassing more than 390,000 followers.

Early life

She created a TikTok set to music from the film La La Land.


She attended Phillips Exeter Academy. 

Family of Veronica Choulga

She was born in England. 

Close associates of Veronica Choulga

She created a TikTok set to Melanie Martinez s “Show & Tell.” 

Luana Perez

About Luana Perez

Social media star who is famous for her lulucapb Instagram account. She has gained massive there for showcasing her fashion modeling and lifestyle photoblogging throughout Brazil. 

Early life

She began her Instagram account in November 2014. 


She has seen her Instagram account amass more than 140,000 followers. She has worked on modeling photoshoots alongside Mafe Nóbrega and Julia Gomes. 

Family of Luana Perez

She was originally born and raised in Brazil.

Close associates of Luana Perez

She has been featured alongside Giovanna Chaves on her Instagram account. 

Mara Maionchi

About Mara Maionchi

Italian record producer was who a judge on Italy s The X Factor. She released a dance single called “Fantastic” in 2011 that came in at #2 on the Italian singles chart.

Early life

She started out as a secretary at Ariston Records before moving to the Numero Uno record label.


She did not return for the 5th season of the X-factor.

Family of Mara Maionchi

She married songwriter Alberto Salerno and they had two daughters: Giulia and Camilla.

Close associates of Mara Maionchi

She produced the first three albums of Tiziano Ferro.