Nandi Busll

Who is Nandi Busll Child drummer famous forseries of drum battle videos with Dave Grohl. Her cover videos have amassed millions of views since receiving worldwide media coverage folloattainginteractions with Grohl.  Early Beginnings began posting drum videos to Youtube at age 6 in 2017. Her Initially videos featurejamming withdad.  Unimportant Personal Matters Her parents first noticedmusical … Read more

Elyse Ellis

Who is Elyse Ellis One of a members of Six Sisters Stuff, a recipe and lifestyle blog.  Early Beginnings Six Sisters Stuff was launcd in 2012.  Unimportant Personal Matters Six Sisters Stuff Has publisd several cookbooks. Tir first, Sweets & Treats With Six Sisters Stuff, was publisd in 2015.  Family of Elyse Ellis Her sisters … Read more

Loren Izabel

Who is Loren Izabel Social media influencer and Instagram model who is famous for sharing lifestyle and fashion photos on r loren.izabel account. Has garnered over 80,000 followers on a platform. Has been featured on Forever 21 s social media and Has modeled for Sixty6 Magazine.  Early Beginnings studied economics at SUNY University at Albany. Her modeling … Read more

Kyla Mattw

Who is Kyla Mattw Canadian Instagram model who is best recognized for posting travel, fashion, and lifestyle photos to r wanderlustkyla account. Has gone on to amass over 20,000 followers on a platform. Early Beginnings worked as a flight attendant prior to developing a fan base on Instagram. Unimportant Personal Matters had a opportunity to travel to … Read more

Eleonora Zirka

Who is Eleonora Zirka Ukrainian social media starlet who is famous foreponymous Instagram account. Has gained massive forglamorous fashion and bikini modeling coupled with lifestyle, fitness, and travel photoblogging.  Early Beginnings Set about Instagram account in July 2014.  Unimportant Personal Matters has worked as a experienced makeup artist. Has seenInstagram audience grow to more than … Read more

Gwyneth Guthrie

Who is Gwyneth Guthrie Actress famous forrole as Mary Mack on a Scottish soap opera called Take a High Road. appeared on a series from 1982 until 2003. Early Beginnings Began profession at a age of twelve, participating various roles in children s television programs and BBC Radio plays. Unimportant Personal Matters Uponcompletion of a … Read more

Karina Bautista

Who is Karina Bautista Philippino reality star who became known in 2018 wn s was a participant on season 8 of Pinoy Big Brotr.  Early Beginnings Happened to be a fourth official female housemate.  Unimportant Personal Matters began studying accounting and business management at a University of La Salette in 2019.  Family of Karina Bautista … Read more

Kari Wuhrer

Who is Kari Wuhrer Most famous forroles on a 1990s television shows Swamp Thing, Class of 96, and Sliders, s also appeared on episodes of Lincoln Heights, Stargate Atlantis, and Beverly Hills, 90210. Also a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and flautist, s releasedfirst album, Shiny, in 1999. Early Beginnings Duringyounger years, s took acting classes at … Read more

Felicity Davis

Who is Felicity Davis Model and cosplayer who mainly dresses as characters from Marvel, DC, and Star Wars universes. has 110,000 followers on Instagram.  Early Beginnings Her first Instagram post was on February 21 2016 and was a photo ofin cosplay as a DC superro Black Canary.  Unimportant Personal Matters is also famous forboudoir modeling and … Read more

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