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Nona Bayat

About Nona Bayat

Content creator and fitness enthusiast who earned a significant following on TikTok. Her viral workout routines and food videos have helped her acquire over 1.5 million fans and more than 27 million Likes on the app.

Early life

In 2013, she uploaded her first Instagram photo which featured a plane departing Costa Rica.


She began studying at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Family of Nona Bayat

She shared an Instagram picture with her grandmother in October 2017.

Close associates of Nona Bayat

She set a 2020 TikTok recording to the ZaeHD and Ceo track “SIX FO.”

Leigh McClendon

About Leigh McClendon

TikTok creator who has gained fame for his leigh_mcnasty account. His comedic sketches surrounding his life as a teacher, often lip syncing and dressed as animals, have helped him amass more than 700,000 followers. 

Early life

He began his TikTok account in December 2019.


His November 2020 TikTok satirizing Charli D Amelio has gained more than 800,000 views. He has also shared comedic photos to his leigh_mcnasty Instagram account. 

Family of Leigh McClendon

His sister s name is Haley. He has been based in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Close associates of Leigh McClendon

He has made a TikTok dedicated to his love of Josh Groban s music.

Lane Smith

About Lane Smith

Played the role of Perry White on the series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and Nathan Bates in NBC s V. He also appeared in the film My Cousin Vinny.

Early life

He attended The Leelanau School, a boarding school in Michigan, and was recognized in their Hall of Fame.


He played Mayor Bates in the film Red Dawn.

Family of Lane Smith

He married Debbie Benedict in 2000 and had two children with her.

Close associates of Lane Smith

He played Richard Nixon in The Final Days.

Hayley Harris

About Hayley Harris

Social media success story who documented her journey of struggling with anorexia to becoming a more fit and healthy inspanidual with her Instagram followers on the account bitingback.

Early life

She was a size zero (US), at risk of cardiac arrest and struggling with anxiety at her lowest point of health.


She has earned more than 10,000 followers to her anorexia recovery Instagram account where she shares photos of herself and everything that she is eating.

Family of Hayley Harris

She was born in Harold Wood, Essex, England. She has a sister.

Close associates of Hayley Harris

One of her role models is model Iskra Lawrence.

Gabriella Depardon

About Gabriella Depardon

Fashion model and social media personality whose mixture of swimsuit and style photos have led her Instagram page to acquire an impressive 300,000 followers. She became a brand ambassador for Fashion Nova.

Early life

She created her own profile on Explore Talent.


She posted a special picture on Instagram to celebrate her 21st birthday in April 2018.

Family of Gabriella Depardon

She s been based in Miami, Florida.

Close associates of Gabriella Depardon

She earned her fame as a popular model on Instagram like Carrington Durham and Cassie Brown.

Jaime Madsen

About Jaime Madsen

Electronic dance and dubstep music DJ and producer who goes by the name of Moonboy. His breakthrough song was called “Psycho.”

Early life

He began posting music to Soundcloud in March of 2017.


He earned more than 60,000 followers for his moonboy_music Instagram account and 50,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Family of Jaime Madsen

He was based out of Los Angeles. 

Close associates of Jaime Madsen

He was on the main stage at Electric Daisy Carnival alongside Ghastly in May of 2019.