Who is Minigod951 Also known as Old Foxy Fox, was a Minecraft gamer who posted tutorials of redstone, 3D pixel art and maps to his Minigod951 Old Foxy Fox YouTube channel.  Early Beginnings Initially launcd his channel on March 18, 2011, but did not start posting regularly until a year or two later. Unimportant Personal Matters He … Read more

Lucy Bishop

Who is Lucy Bishop Point-of-view content creator who is recognized for r bishwatiktoks TikTok account. Her on a platform led toamassing more than 170,000 fans. Early Beginnings sharedfirst selfie on Instagram in late 2018. Unimportant Personal Matters travelled to Spain and Italy in 2019.  Family of Lucy Bishop Happened to be brought up in London, England. Close … Read more

Tasha Steele

Who is Tasha Steele Vlogger as well as dance, lip-sync and comedy video creator on a platform TikTok who Has accumulated more than 280,000 fans.  Early Beginnings took part in basketball formiddle school team, Pinon Mesa. began posting to TikTok in late 2018. Unimportant Personal Matters posted a duet video with Ethan Andrew called “#duet with @ethaanz … Read more

Julianne Bañares

Who is Julianne Bañares Filipino social media personality, also known simply as Jules, who found fame on TikTok. Her dance, music, comedy and special effects clips have broughtover 600,000 fans and more than 22 million Likes. Early Beginnings In December 2018, s uploadedfirst Instagram photos of rself from a Crown Metropol Perth Hotel. Unimportant Personal Matters … Read more

Max Krumme

Who is Max Krumme Actor, model and content creator on TikTok whose accomplishments on a video platform include more than 700,000 followers for his max.krumme account. Early Beginnings He introduced his maximillian_krumme Instagram account in August of 2018 with a adshot and caption that read “Hey everyone welcome to my new acting account.” Unimportant Personal Matters Happened … Read more

Iris Johansen

Who is Iris Johansen Famous as a writer of both romance novels and crime thrillers, Johansen penned such popular books as White Satin (1985); A Tough Man to Tame (1991); Killing Game (1999); and Eight Days to Live (2010). Early Beginnings publisdfirst romance novel, Touch a Horizon, in 1984. A decade and a half later, … Read more

Loren Montgomery

Who is Loren Montgomery Cf and social media star known as Auntie Loren. shares recipes and lifestyle advice on various platforms, and Has gained more than 350,000 followers on r auntieloren TikTok account. Early Beginnings worked as an Army cf and caterer. Unimportant Personal Matters sells spices and rubs underAuntie Loren s Soul Seasonings brand. Family of Loren … Read more

Jasmin Rain

Who is Jasmin Rain Model and vlogger who became famous forself-titled YouTube channel, which features fashion and lifestyle content. Early Beginnings got signed tofirst modeling agency MSA Los Angeles in September 2016. Unimportant Personal Matters has modeled for clothing brands such as Yours Truly Clothing and Gold Soul LA. Family of Jasmin Rain is based … Read more

Johanna Londoño

Who is Johanna Londoño Colombian model who Has accumulated over 220,000 followers on r johannalondono1 Instagram account. Has been featured on a cover of Q magazine and on a Latin America Esquire website. Early Beginnings Initially posted to Instagram in September 2012.  Unimportant Personal Matters has appeared on a cover of Zona Rosa magazine in August 2017.  … Read more

Lita Rinrapat

Who is Lita Rinrapat Thai YouTube star who primarily posts dancing videos tochannel. Has amassed over 280,000 followers tochannel.  Early Beginnings untouchedly posted to YouTube channel in March 2014.  Unimportant Personal Matters has accrued over 40,000 followers on r litarinrapat Instagram account.  Family of Lita Rinrapat posted a photo withromantic partner to Instagram account in July 2018.  Close … Read more

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