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Katrina Mykhajlenko

About Katrina Mykhajlenko

Electro and progressive house DJ/producer who rose to fame under the professional moniker Da Candy. She has been featured on the cover of international publications Maxim and FHM.

Early life

She began to make a name for herself in the European club circuit in 2012.


She hosted the CANDYNATION radio show which was syndicated by Kiss FM and HotMix Radio.

Family of Katrina Mykhajlenko

She is originally from Ukraine. 

Close associates of Katrina Mykhajlenko

In August of 2017, she was photographed with LMFAO s Redfoo at a pool party event. 

Douglas Wick

About Douglas Wick

American producer who has worked on the Academy Award-winning films Gladiator and Memoirs of a Geisha. He also won a Golden Globe for the 1988 film Working Girl.

Early life

He gradated from Yale University and had his first job as a “coffee boy” for filmmaker Alan Pakula.


He won the PGA Golden Laurel Award for Motion Picture Producer of the Year in 2000.

Family of Douglas Wick

He married Lucy Fisher in 1986 and has three children.

Close associates of Douglas Wick

He was the producer of the 1999 film Stuart Little, starring Michael J. Fox in the title voice role.


About Minigod951

Also known as Old Foxy Fox, he was a Minecraft gamer who posted tutorials of redstone, 3D pixel art and maps to his Minigod951 Old Foxy Fox YouTube channel. 

Early life

He first launched his channel on March 18, 2011, but did not start posting regularly until a year or two later.


He used an animated figure of an elderly fox in his videos and on his merchandise.

Family of Minigod951

He was born in Cornwall, England, UK.

Close associates of Minigod951

He investigated the Stampylonghead house and Stampylonghead bedroom in a couple of his videos. 

Lucy Bishop

About Lucy Bishop

Point-of-view content creator who is recognized for her bishwatiktoks TikTok account. Her on the platform led to her amassing more than 170,000 fans.

Early life

She shared her first selfie on Instagram in late 2018.


She travelled to Spain and Italy in 2019. 

Family of Lucy Bishop

She was born in London, England.

Close associates of Lucy Bishop

Both she and Brooke Barry found fame on TikTok. 

Tasha Steele

About Tasha Steele

Vlogger as well as dance, lip-sync and comedy video creator on the platform TikTok who has accumulated more than 280,000 fans. 

Early life

She played basketball for her middle school team, Pinon Mesa. She began posting to TikTok in late 2018.


She posted a duet video with Ethan Andrew called “#duet with @ethaanz dawg whyyy you stareee smm.”

Family of Tasha Steele

She is from California.

Close associates of Tasha Steele

For a video called “i fw it loll @J4kst3r,” she used the Danielle Bregoli song “Babyface Savage.”

Julianne Bañares

About Julianne Bañares

Filipino social media personality, also known simply as Jules, who found fame on TikTok. Her dance, music, comedy and special effects clips have brought her over 600,000 fans and more than 22 million Likes.

Early life

In December 2018, she uploaded her first Instagram photos of herself from the Crown Metropol Perth Hotel.


Her most-watched YouTube video of 2019 was Get to Know Me | QnA w/ Jules.

Family of Julianne Bañares

She shared family photos on Instagram in October 2019.

Close associates of Julianne Bañares

She set a 2019 TikTok recording to the Freddie Dredd track “Cha Cha.”