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Mariana Aresta

About Mariana Aresta

Italian social media starlet who has gained fame for her self-titled TikTok channel. She has earned massive for her lip-syncs, dubs, and sketches often with music and popular sounds and her close friends. 

Early life

She began her TikTok channel in April 2018.


She has amassed more than 1.6 million TikTok fans. She has also gained more than 900,000 followers to her nanatears Instagram account. 

Family of Mariana Aresta

Her long-time girlfriend s name is Enrica. 

Close associates of Mariana Aresta

She and Martina Picardi have collaborated on TikTok.

Leanne Bailey

About Leanne Bailey

Cookie artist who shared her delectable treats via cookie decorating videos on the platform TikTok. Her thebaileybakery account has accrued more than 5 million fans.

Early life

She began sharing pictures of her sweets on Instagram in April of 2017.


She has amassed over 127 million hearts on TikTok. 

Family of Leanne Bailey

She was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Close associates of Leanne Bailey

She and Aime Pope are both TikTok stars who share cookie decorating videos.

Milena Dobreja

About Milena Dobreja

TikTok sensation known for her account, where she posts travel and fashion videos. Her account has amassed over 750,000 followers and more than 6 million likes.

Early life

She posted her first TikTok in October 2019, gaining over 2,000 likes and 40,000 views. Her first TikTok to hit 1 million views was a post from May 2020 where she showed off her outfit of the day.


She s been sponsored by several brands, including Fashion Nova and Lulus.

Family of Milena Dobreja

Her husband Golden Prifti often helps take photographs of her. She s also said that she wants to have kids in the future.

Close associates of Milena Dobreja

She s posted several TikToks using audios from popular musicians, including Ariana Grande, Bishop Briggs and Katy Perry.

Lucie Štrynclová

About Lucie Štrynclová

Dancer with a crown verified TikTok channel which features all of dance, lip-sync and comedy videos. She has earned more than 310,000 fans on the platform.

Early life

She began using Instagram in 2013, but her account was hacked, forcing her to start over in July of 2018.


She joined the dance company TAKT Liberec.

Family of Lucie Štrynclová

She began dating Filip Čistecký.

Close associates of Lucie Štrynclová

She celebrated 70,000 Instagram followers with a TikTok video set to the tune of Bebe Rexha s “I m A Mess.”

Gabriella Demetriades

About Gabriella Demetriades

Model and actress who rose to fame after winning the Miss Indian Premiere League Bollywood contest in 2009. She has since served as the face of ad campaigns for Micromax and acted in such films as Sonali Cable (2014) and Oopiri (2016). 

Early life

She was discovered at a cricket match between Deccan Chargers and Rajasthan Royals. 


She has posed for FHM multiple times and was the magazine s cover girl for January 2012. 

Family of Gabriella Demetriades

Her mother was an artist and her grandmother owned a fabric store. She dated Exhale Sports CEO Shiv Burman. She and actor Arjun Rampal welcomed a son named Arik on July 18, 2019.

Close associates of Gabriella Demetriades

She starred in the music video for Aditya Narayan s “Tu Hi Pyar Hai.” 

Harriet Doerr

About Harriet Doerr

An American fiction author, she published her National Book Award-winning debut novel, Stones for Ibarra, when she was seventy-four years old. The popular work was subsequently made into a 1988 television movie.

Early life

She studied at Smith College and Stanford University.


She published her second novel, Consider This, Senora, in 1993.

Family of Harriet Doerr

She married Albert Doerr in 1930. After living in Mexico for a time, she and Doerr raised their son, Michael, and daughter, Martha, in Pasadena, California.

Close associates of Harriet Doerr

She and Joyce Carol Oates both won the National Book Award.