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Florence Knoll

About Florence Knoll

Furniture designer who created minimalist, modern pieces of furniture and had a passing relationship with the Bauhaus movement. Sometimes known by her nickname, Shu.

Early life

She was a student at Kingswood School and the Cranbrook Academy of Art before studying architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology. She convinced her father, Hans Knoll, to bring interior design into his furniture company in 1943.


She designed the Connecticut General Life Insurance building in Bloomfield, Connecticut, as well as the interior for the CBS Building, locating in New York City.

Family of Florence Knoll

She took over her father s furniture company after his death in a 1955 car accident. She married Harry Hood Bassett in 1958.

Close associates of Florence Knoll

She was a fan of Wassily Kandinsky.

Katerina Dima

About Katerina Dima

Norwegian architect and blogger who has gained fame thanks to her Only Deco Love blog and Instagram page. She originally created her blog as a means to document the changes she was making to her house.

Early life

She studied architecture in Athens, Greece.


She has 140,000 total followers on Instagram.

Family of Katerina Dima

Her cat s name is Milo.

Close associates of Katerina Dima

She is a fan of fellow blogger Camilla Pihl.

Eileen Gray

About Eileen Gray

Remembered best for designing the famous Tempe a Pailla and E-1027 houses in Southern France, this pioneering modernist architect also created such famous furniture items as the E-1027 Table and the Bibendum Chair.

Early life

She trained as a painter at University College London s Slade School of Fine Art.


She died in her Paris apartment shortly after her ninety-eighth birthday.

Family of Eileen Gray

Born Katherine Eileen Moray Smith, she grew up in southern Ireland as the youngest child of Baroness Eveleen Pounden and artist James McLaren Smith. Throughout her life, Gray had a number of relationships with both men and women; her lovers included the singer Marie-Louise and the architect Jean Badovici.

Close associates of Eileen Gray

She and her contemporary, American architect Louis Sullivan, were both key figures in the modernist architecture movement of the early Twentieth Century.

Laurie Baker

About Laurie Baker

Cost-conscious architect known for his sustainable and organic designs that used local materials. Founded the Centre of Science and Technology for Rural Development for the sake of promoting the cause of low-cost housing.

Early life

He was a student of architecture at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, from which he graduated in 1937. He was a conscientious objector during World War II, and instead of fighting, he was a member of the Friends Ambulance Unit working in China and Burma.


He first moved to India as an architect for the World Leprosy Mission, where he would remain for the majority of his career.

Family of Laurie Baker

His family was Methodist, but he became Quaker in his teens. He married Elizabeth Jacob, a doctor working for the World Leprosy Mission.

Close associates of Laurie Baker

He was influenced by a chance meeting with Mahatma Gandhi when he was a young adult.

Jo Johnson

About Jo Johnson

Conservative politician who became a Member of Parliament for Orpington in 2010 and the Head of the Number 10 Policy Unity in 2012.

Early life

He was a journalist for Financial Times, where he reported on international investment banking.


His father was former Conservative MEP Stanley Johnson and his mother was an artist.

Family of Jo Johnson

He has two children with his wife Amelia Gentleman.

Close associates of Jo Johnson

His brother Boris Johnson became the Mayor of London in 2008.

Gert Wingardh

About Gert Wingardh

Postmodernist architect whose work included the House of Sweden in Washington, D.C. Winner of the Kasper Salin Prize for his design of Gothenburg s Öijared Executive Country Club in 1988.

Early life

He was inspired to become an architect after visiting the Pantheon in Rome. He was educated at Gothenburg University and Chalmers University of Technology; he graduated from Chalmers in 1975.


He established his own firm, Wingardh arkitektkontor, in 1988, which became internationally recognized and respected.

Family of Gert Wingardh

He was the only child in a wealthy family based in Skövde, Västergötland. His father was the proprietor of a local cement factory. Their house had been constructed on a limestone mountain.

Close associates of Gert Wingardh

He was influenced by architect Frank Lloyd Wright.