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About Liz Greene

Notable for her work as a writer and astrologer, she is particularly known for her contributions to the field of psychological astrology. Her publications include The Dark of the Soul, The Astrology of Fate, and Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil.

Early life

During the 1980s, she pioneered the astrological trend of creating charts and horoscopes on computers.


She helped establish London’s Centre for Psychological Astrology and also developed the popular Mythic Tarot card deck.

Family of Liz Greene

Born in New Jersey to an American mother and an English father, she grew up with an older brother, Richard, who became a prominent fiction writer.

Close associates of Liz Greene

Her 1980 historical fiction work, The Dreamer of the Vine, references the work of the famous sixteenth-century prophet Nostradamus.

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