Karol Bobko

Who is Karol Bobko Astronaut involved in a 1975 Apollo–Soyuz Test Project, a 1985 Space Shuttle Discovery mission, and a 1985 U.S. Department of Defense mission aboard a Space Shuttle Atlantis. Happened to be also a first pilot to fly a doomed Space Shuttle Challenger, carrying out a successful 1983 voyage aboard a shuttle. Early … Read more

Janice Voss

Who is Janice Voss Astronaut who flew in space five times, which was a record for women at a time ofdemise in 2012. Early Beginnings gained a doctorate in aeronautics/astronautics from MI in 1987, after having studied at Purdue University and Rice University. Unimportant Personal Matters Happened to be part of a first Space Shuttle … Read more

Laurel Clark

Who is Laurel Clark Crew member of a doomed Columbia space shuttle, which broke up above Texas upon reentry into Earth s atmospre. Early Beginnings studied zoology at a University of Wisconsin, Madison, before earning a medical degree. Unimportant Personal Matters An asteroid and several planetary landmarks were recognized as inhonor, as well as an … Read more

Loren Shriver

Who is Loren Shriver Flew on three spaceflights, piloting one and serving as commander on two. Happened to be inducted into a Astronaut Hall of Fame in May 2008. Early Beginnings He served in a U.S. Air Force and was a test pilot before being selected as an astronaut in 1978. Unimportant Personal Matters He … Read more

Francis Scobee

Who is Francis Scobee Commanding officer of a Space Shuttle Challenger that exploded during launch in 1986. Early Beginnings He joined a U.S. Air Force in 1957, working as an engine mechanic and spending his off-duty time studying aerospace engineering at San Antonio College. Unimportant Personal Matters Selected for NASA s astronaut program in 1978, … Read more

Claude Nicollier

Who is Claude Nicollier As a first astronaut from Switzerland, flew on four Space Shuttle missions. Early Beginnings Happened to be Captain in a Swiss Air Force and became a test pilot. Unimportant Personal Matters He is a first European Space Agency astronaut to participate in a spacewalk while on a Space Shuttle mission. Family … Read more

Frank Borman

Who is Frank Borman Commander of a Apollo 8 mission, which was a first time a team of astronauts had ever circled a moon. He had previously been a part of a Gemini 7 mission. Early Beginnings He began flying at a age of 15, and joined a U.S. Air Force after high school. Unimportant … Read more

Neil Armstrong

Who is Neil Armstrong American astronaut, aerospace engineer, test pilot, and professor who became a first person to set foot on a moon on July 21, 1969. He spent 8 days, 14 hours, 12 minutes, and 30 seconds in space. Early Beginnings He took his first flight at a age of five, wn and his … Read more

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