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Sally Darr Griffin

About Sally Darr Griffin

Short form comedy content creator known for her sallydarrgriffin TikTok account. She has described her videos as being reminiscent of fever dreams and she amassed more than 500,000 fans on the platform.

Early life

She studied English and film at Tulane University.


She went on to pursue a master s degree in television writing and production. 

Family of Sally Darr Griffin

She was born in Chattanooga, TN and she has three siblings.  

Close associates of Sally Darr Griffin

She attended Choate Rosemary Hall boarding school. As did John F. Kennedy, Ivanka Trump, and Jamie Lee Curtis. 

Nina Dantas

About Nina Dantas

Social media personality and crowned TikTok creator who has earned upwards of 3.7 million fans and growing on the popular lip sync app. She has also been featured over 100 times. 

Early life

She initially became known for her Ninalandia YouTube channel in April 2015. She gained there for her challenges, friend tags, and lifestyle vlogs. 


She has also earned to her _NinaDantas Instagram account, with more than 180,000 followers there. 

Family of Nina Dantas

She was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but at the age of 15, she moved to Mexico. She dated Diego Villalpando. 

Close associates of Nina Dantas

Fellow creator Calú Spallicci first inspired her to start posting TikTok videos.

Karol Santos

About Karol Santos

Brazilian model who has risen to fame for being represented by Next Model Management. She has earned to her karolinysanttos Instagram account for showcasing her modeling portfolio alongside personal lifestyle photoblogging. 

Early life

She began her modeling career in 2014. She was profiled by as one of their new faces in April of that year. 


She has seen her Instagram account grow to boast more than 30,000 followers. She modeled for AVEDA in September 2015. 

Family of Karol Santos

She has one son. 

Close associates of Karol Santos

She and Cristal Serrano have collaborated on social media. 

Kristina Schiano

About Kristina Schiano

YouTube drummer who is known for her self-titled channel. She has gained widespread renown for her wide array of covers of popular songs on the drums.

Early life

She began her YouTube channel on September 3, 2007. She posted her first video there on October 14, 2009.


She has amassed more than 1.3 million subscribers to her YouTube channel since its beginning. One of her most popular drum covers is of the song “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. Her video cover has amassed more than 325,000 total views.

Family of Kristina Schiano

In August 2015, she posted a challenge completion video called “Beanboozled Challenge” alongside her cousin Lea.

Close associates of Kristina Schiano

She has posted a cover of Linsey Sterling s hit song “Shatter Me.”

Iris Dijkers

About Iris Dijkers

Blogger who has gained fame for her A Dash of Fash blog. She has garnered massive for her style, travel, beauty, and lifestyle content while operating her self-titled Instagram account as a photographic corollary. 

Early life

She earned her bachelor s degree in advertising from Willem de Kooning Academy. She began her blog in 2013. 


She also gained to her A Dash of Fash Facebook account.

Family of Iris Dijkers

She lives with her boyfriend Scott and their cat Coco. 

Close associates of Iris Dijkers

She and Annabel Pesant have been pictured together on her Instagram account. 

Gaby Amarantos

About Gaby Amarantos

Singer who first gained attention in the early 2000s as a performer of tecno brega music, singing Portuguese-language covers of songs by artists like Cyndi Lauper. Her debut LP, Treme, was released in 2012.

Early life

She hails from Belém, Brazil. She got her start singing at a local church and began performing in bars at age 15. 


She was one of the stars of The Banda Tecno Show.

Family of Gaby Amarantos

She is of mixed Amazonian and Afro-Brazilian descent. She has a sister named Gabriele. 

Close associates of Gaby Amarantos

She recorded a hit version of Beyoncé s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” in 2011.