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Brian Scully

About Brian Scully

Producer and writer known for his work as co-executive and consulting producer for Family Guy. He s also written episodes for the show, and has worked in various capacities for Married With Children, The Drew Carey Show, and Complete Savages.

Early life

He sold TVs before getting a job writing for Out of This World in 1988.


He helped produce the Family Guy 100th Episode Celebration and has also written and produced for The Simpsons. His brother is Mike Scully, who started producing The Simpsons in 1993.

Family of Brian Scully

He also has a brother named Neil. He and his wife have a daughter.

Close associates of Brian Scully

He started working for Seth MacFarlane s show Family Guy in 2007.

Shin Hyejeong

About Shin Hyejeong

Singer and actress known for her work with the band Ace of Angels, or AOA. She has appeared on shows like The Romantic & Idol, A Gentleman s Dignity, and Soulmate Returns.

Early life

After participating in a supermodel competition, where she finished third, she was approached by FNC Entertainment in 2010. AOA made its debut in 2012.


F.T. Island featured her in the 2012 music video for “I Wish.” She also appeared in the 2014 video for Phantom s “Seoul Lonely.”

Family of Shin Hyejeong

She grew up in Seoul.

Close associates of Shin Hyejeong

She and Park Choa have worked together with AOA.

Sam Vicchiollo

About Sam Vicchiollo

Lip sync and comedy content creator known for sharing short form videos on his samvicchiollo TikTok account. He has gone on to garner more than 1.8 million fans on the platform and his videos have generated more than 99 million hearts.

Early life

He attended Hortonville High School and was on his school s soccer team. He downloaded TikTok as a joke, but gained a following in his first month on the app and became hooked. 


He began attending the University of Wisconsin and became a member of the fraternity Delta Tau Delta. He is a member of the House of Us TikTok collective that aims to inspire Gen Z to exercise their right to vote. 

Family of Sam Vicchiollo

He was born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and has lived in Greenville, Wisconsin his entire life. His middle name is Robert. He has two younger sisters named Sophie and Sarah. His father s name is Ken and his mother s name is Kristi. He has a German Shorthaired Pointer dog named Bella who often appears in his videos. 

Close associates of Sam Vicchiollo

He created a TikTok set to Ellie Goulding s “Burn.” 

Liz Kaeber

About Liz Kaeber

First known for competing for the heart of Oliver Sanne on Germany s version of The Bachelor in 2015. She has since become a social media superstar whose fashion photos on Instagram have earned her more than 950,000 followers. 

Early life

She was working as a nurse when she joined the cast of Germany s The Bachelor. 


In 2016, she created a self-titled YouTube channel where she began posting Q&As, facts, and other videos. 

Family of Liz Kaeber

Her boyfriend, Nick Maerker, has appeared in numerous photos on her Instagram account. 

Close associates of Liz Kaeber

Sarah Nowak was also a competitor on the fifth season of Germany s The Bachelor. 

Lizzy Young

About Lizzy Young

Social media celebrity who has gained fame for her lizzy__young TikTok channel. Her comedic memes, dubs, and sketches with some dances have helped her grow hugely in renown.

Early life

She began establishing her following on TikTok in December 2018.


She has seen her TikTok audience grow to more than 160,000 fans. She has also regularly posted modeling and lifestyle photos to her lizzy__young Instagram account. 

Family of Lizzy Young

She has one brother named CJ. She began a relationship with fellow social influencer Austin Gray. 

Close associates of Lizzy Young

She and Nick Ginopolis are both famous for their comedic material published to TikTok. 

Lizzy Valentine

About Lizzy Valentine

Professional wrestler known by the names JV Love, Valentina, and Kandi Kisses.

Early life

She started her career as a manager for wrestlers like Nick Berk and Z-Barr.


She made her first wrestling appearance on TNA Knockout where she wrestled against Tracy Brooks.

Family of Lizzy Valentine

She was born Elizabeth Miklosi in New York, New York.

Close associates of Lizzy Valentine

She became a popular female wrestler, like Trish Stratus.