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Marie Roda

About Marie Roda

MTV reality star who first became known for starring on The Real World: St. Thomas, the 27th season of The Real World. She then went on to join The Challenge, Battle of the Seasons and Invasion of the Champions.

Early life

Prior to joining the cast of The Real World, she studied at the State University of New York at Albany.


During high school, she played soccer.

Family of Marie Roda

She has a younger sister named Kristie.

Close associates of Marie Roda

She was joined in the cast of The Real World: St. Thomas by Brandon Swift and LaToya Jackson.

Judge Karen

About Judge Karen

Television personality and published author who dishes out justice on the nationally syndicated courtroom series Supreme Justice with Judge Karen. She authored the book Stay in Your Lane: Judge Karen s Guide to Living Your Best Life.

Early life

She was the valedictorian of her high school class and attended Bowdoin College in Maine on a full scholarship for undergrad. She graduated from the Levin School of Law at the University of Florida in 1987 and previously served as a Florida state court judge.


She practiced criminal defense law in Miami for 13 years in the Office of the Public Defender, as well as in private practice, and was appointed a traffic magistrate by the chief judge of the county in 1998 to hear non-criminal traffic cases. She also became a certified family court mediator.

Family of Judge Karen

She is the oldest of five children born in Miami, Florida.

Close associates of Judge Karen

She hosts a nationally syndicated courtroom series through the production company Entertainment Studios. The company also airs Justice for All with Judge Cristina Perez.

Karol Sakr

About Karol Sakr

Lebanese singer who was the lead singer of the band ZED. She was a second place contestant on the United States Star Search competition show.

Early life

She grew up with Pascale Sakr who also became a famous Lebanese singer.


She emigrated to Australia in the 1990s, where she won the Australian version of Star Search.

Family of Karol Sakr

She is the daughter of the exiled Lebanese politician Etienne Sakr.

Close associates of Karol Sakr

She and Serj Tankian are both musicians from Lebanon.

Lorena Orozco Hernández

About Lorena Orozco Hernández

Professional glamour model and playboy playmate recognized for being a face for the BREVE clothing brand. She has become an Instagram superstar, accumulating more than 500,000 followers posting selfies and other official modeling images.

Early life

She joined Twitter in November 2011 and launched her Instagram account in October 2014.


She has modeled and performed at events like the 2015 Desfile Feria de Cali.

Family of Lorena Orozco Hernández

She has one brother.

Close associates of Lorena Orozco Hernández

Both she and Alejandra Gil are Colombian models popular on Instagram.

Leanna Beckford

About Leanna Beckford

Commercial, fashion and beauty model who has worked with brands that include TK Maxx, Forever 21, Littlewoods and many more. She has been featured in magazines such as Crem de la Bride, Zele, Glance and Stylist.

Early life

She first started modeling towards the end of her teenage years.


While modeling, she was also a medical student.

Family of Leanna Beckford

She is of African and Caribbean descent and is a resident of London, England.

Close associates of Leanna Beckford

She and Daniela Kosan have both modeled and been medical students.

Mari Dudash

About Mari Dudash

Famous for her appearances on the third and fourth seasons of the popular reality series Dance Moms, she had a guest affiliation with Candy Apple s Dance Center. Her Dance Moms episodes include “No Room for Rotten Apples” and “Clash of the Dance Moms.”

Early life

Her first Dance Moms episode, “An Apple a Day Keeps Abby Away,” aired when she was twelve years old.


She has been featured in such magazines as Act Like a Child, Labelle Kids and Big City Kids. She appeared in three episodes of the TV series Gotham. 

Family of Mari Dudash

She was born in Gross Ile, Michigan to Gina Urso-Dudash.

Close associates of Mari Dudash

She developed a friendship with fellow Dance Moms participant Ava Cota.