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Leanne Lim-Walker

About Leanne Lim-Walker

Fashion photographer and blogger who is known for her portfolio and social media presence. In 2014, Asthma UK selected a photograph of hers for their 3 year ad campaign.

Early life

She began her YouTube channel on June 3, 2012. Her first video, titled “FIRST HAUL – Topshop, Regal Rose, Urban Decay, Ebay”, has amassed over 15,000 views.


She began practicing as a fashion photographer in 2011. Her client list includes Random House Publishing – Germany, Fussed Magazine, and Rock, Paper, Scissors Magazine. Her YouTube channel has accumulated over 120,000 subscribers.

Family of Leanne Lim-Walker

She grew up in Norwich, England, and is of half-English, half-Chinese descent.

Close associates of Leanne Lim-Walker

She shares her hometown of Norwich, Norfolk, England, with actor and comedian Stephen Fry.

Jorella Marie de Jesus

About Jorella Marie de Jesus

Filipino volleyball player who rose to fame after playing the OH/libero position for the Ateneo de Manila University s varsity Lady Eagles volleyball team. She is also known for being a member of the 2015 Philippines U23 national team. 

Early life

In high school she played the positions of spiker and blocker. 


She studied psychology while attending the Ateneo de Manila University. 

Family of Jorella Marie de Jesus

She is from the Philippines. 

Close associates of Jorella Marie de Jesus

Both she and Amy Ahomiro played for the Lady Eagles of Ateneo de Manila University. 

Ike Quebec

About Ike Quebec

An arranger for many Blue Note sessions due to his exceptional sight reading skill, known for his breathy sound. He took occasional breaks from work, but had a comeback in 1959.

Early life

He began playing tenor saxophone in his early twenties and had his first success recording with Barons of Rhythm in 1940.


He had a long hiatus which was ended in the 1950s with a comeback that was well-received by audiences.

Family of Ike Quebec

He was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey.

Close associates of Ike Quebec

Quebec served as a talent scout for Blue Note, helping Thelonious Monk gain notoriety.

Leila Hurst

About Leila Hurst

World Surf League professional who would be signed by companies such as Vans, Skullcandy, Zeal Optics, Waikoko and HIC Surfboards. She has held multiple National Titles

Early life

She qualified for the ASP World Junior Tour in every year from 2007 to 2011. She was a member of the Hawaii World Junior Team from 2006 to 2010.


She volunteered with the non-profit Life Rolls On Foundation.

Family of Leila Hurst

She was born and raised on the Island of Kauai.

Close associates of Leila Hurst

She is a friend of fellow surfer Alana Blanchard.

Devi Vanhon

About Devi Vanhon

Initially famous as “DJ Radioactive Anne,” she later pursued careers as a model and ballet dancer and became one half of the Anya & Devi pop music duo.

Early life

She began her DJ career with Cambodia s Radio One FM 103.7 station.


In 2009, she launched a self-titled YouTube channel dedicated to her career as a dancer.

Family of Devi Vanhon

The grandchild of Cambodian Princess Norodom Thiek, Vanhon spent the first decade-and-a-half of her life in Switzerland before settling in her family s native Cambodia.

Close associates of Devi Vanhon

She is a contemporary of fellow Cambodian entertainer Chhet Panya.

Karena Lam

About Karena Lam

Perhaps most well known for her Hong Kong Film Award-winning portrayal of Choy-Lam in the 2002 movie July Rhapsody, she is also famous for her Hong Kong Film Award-nominated work in the features The Floating Landscape (2003), Koma (2004), Mob Sister (2005) and Claustrophobia (2008).

Early life

Before making her cinematic debut, she recorded two pop albums on a Taiwanese music label.


Her role in the 2010 feature Lover s Discourse earned her a Ming Pao Anniversary Award nomination.

Family of Karena Lam

Born to a Hong Kong native father and a Chinese-Japanese-Taiwanese mother, she spent her early days in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In 2010, she and her husband, Steve Yuen, welcomed a daughter named Kayla.

Close associates of Karena Lam

She co-starred with Shu Qi in the 2005 horror movie Home Sweet Home.