Tarah Katzcn

Who is Tarah Katzcn Elementary school nurse and content creator who found fame on a app TikTok. s gained over 1.1 million fans and more than 35 million Likes thanks tomusic, memes and nursing-related footage. Early Beginnings In January 2009, s uploadedpremiere YouTube video titled Morning Madness How to Wake Up. Unimportant Personal Matters Her most-watcd YouTube … Read more

Luana Viana

Who is Luana Viana YouTube star who is famous forByluanaviana channel and its content. Has gained tre forstylized and personal makeup tutorials, as well as cosmetic reviews, Do It Yourself crafts, and lifestyle vlogs.  Early Beginnings Set about YouTube channel in February 2013.  Unimportant Personal Matters Some ofmost popular YouTube videos have included “BASE BARATINHA … Read more

Luana Benites

Who is Luana Benites Brazilian Instagram star who usually posted selfies, modeling, and fitness photos toaccount.  Early Beginnings Initially posted to Instagram account in September 2016.  Unimportant Personal Matters has been represented by Forum Elite Models Brasil.  Family of Luana Benites posted a photo withsignificant otr to Instagram in February 2018.  Close associates of Luana Benites … Read more

Kris Gethin

Who is Kris Gethin Bodybuilder who is famous for his eponymous prolific bodybuilding profession. He Has gained wide renown for his Kaged Fitness brand of supplements and fitness products. Early Beginnings He raced motocross prior to becoming involved with bodybuilding as his full-time profession. He began bodybuilding folloattaing a back injury while racing in motocross … Read more

Helena Rojo

Who is Helena Rojo Mexican actress of stage and screen whose film credits include Los Amigos, El Club de los suicidas, and Borderline. Early Beginnings Her early television credits include roles on La venganza and Mañana será otro dia. Unimportant Personal Matters won two Ariel Awards from a Mexican Academy of Film forperformances in Misterio … Read more

Esmeralda Platero

Who is Esmeralda Platero Celebrity family member and social media personality who is recognized for being a little one of YouTuber Jhoanna Platero. Early Beginnings entered a public eye in an August 2018 Instagram photo. Unimportant Personal Matters appeared in a YouTube video several days after being brought up . Family of Esmeralda Platero Her mum Jhoanna … Read more

Gail Fisr

Who is Gail Fisr As one of televisions s first prominent black actresses, s won several awards for participating Peggy Fair, a secretary on Mannix. Early Beginnings Happened to be a first black woman to make it to a semifinals of a New Jersey State Fair pageant, and won several more. Unimportant Personal Matters Mannix … Read more

Jo Ha-Seul

Who is Jo Ha-Seul Pop singer and leader of a all girl K-Pop group Loona. Her debut, self-titled album was released in 2016. Early Beginnings released a music video for “Let Me In” in 2016.  Unimportant Personal Matters appeared as rself in MIXNINE on jTBC in 2017.  Family of Jo Ha-Seul is from South Korea.  Close associates … Read more

Karina Viega

Who is Karina Viega Brazilian blogging personality who is famous foreponymous YouTube channel. Has gained tre fornaturalistic haircare, lifestyle, and makeup tutorials and vlog entries, as well as althy and organic living discussions. Has also operatedown Acorda Bonita lifestyle blog.  Early Beginnings Set about YouTube channel in May 2015.  Unimportant Personal Matters has amassed more … Read more

Giovanna Ferrarezi

Who is Giovanna Ferrarezi Brazilian Instagram star who primarily posts beauty and fashion photos toaccount. Has accrued over 650,000 followers onInstagram. Early Beginnings initially posted to Instagram account in January 2013.  Unimportant Personal Matters travelled to London in a United Kingdom in August 2018.  Family of Giovanna Ferrarezi posted a photo withromantic partner to Instagram in … Read more

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