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Guto Carvalhaes

About Guto Carvalhaes

Beach volleyball player who has been a standout player representing Brazil, taking home gold medals at tournaments like the 2013 Under-21 Beach Volleyball World Championship. He earned a FIVB World Tour win in Poreč alongside doubles partner Pedro Solberg in 2018.

Early life

He was raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 


He was named Most Valuable Player at the 2013 Under-21 Beach Volleyball World Championship. 

Family of Guto Carvalhaes

He is the son of the famous beach volleyball player commonly referred to as Big. 

Close associates of Guto Carvalhaes

He and Evandro Guerra have both represented Brazil in men s volleyball. 

Zachary Lombard

About Zachary Lombard

Otherwise known as MAGNUM05, he makes up one half of the gaming duo Lombard Bros known on Twitch and Youtube. He also has his own gaming channel. The brothers are primarily known for playing car and racing games like Forza and Rocket League. 

Early life

He first began his gaming career in September 2013 when he creating his personal YouTube channel. The Lombard Bros. Gaming channel would later be created in January 2015. 


His love of cars isn t limited to video games; he has also volunteered at the Automobile Driving Museum. 

Family of Zachary Lombard

His brother, Joseph Lombard, makes up the other half of the Lombard Bros Gaming duo. He has high-functioning autism and Asperger s. 

Close associates of Zachary Lombard

Like Aarava, he is a Twitch star who has built an audience streaming racing games. 

Kristina Pelakova

About Kristina Pelakova

Slovak singer and actress who s famously known as Kristína. She rose to fame after representing Slovakia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with the song “Horehronie”.

Early life

She started her career as a singer at an early age and she attended the music school Conservatoire in Košice.


She released her first single “Som tvoja” in 2007.

Family of Kristina Pelakova

She married Marián Kavulič in 2016.

Close associates of Kristina Pelakova

She played Lucia Martnez in the 2015 comedy Life Is Life starring Sara Sandeva.

Kamila Rigobeli

About Kamila Rigobeli

Blogger whose Ka Rigobeli blog encompasses a wide variety of subjects, including beauty, fashion, travel, DIY and interior design. She is also a popular Instagrammer whose daily outfit posts have won her 100,000 followers. 

Early life

She studied graphic design in college and has since lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 


She has an eponymous travel vlog channel on YouTube. 

Family of Kamila Rigobeli

She has been in a relationship with Francisco Rocha. 

Close associates of Kamila Rigobeli

She and Lu Ferreira are both popular Brazilian bloggers. 

Lilly Moreau

About Lilly Moreau

Australian model who is known for having been a national finalist in the Miss Universe Australia pageant during the 2018 season. She is also known for having earned representation from the Scoop Management label in Sydney and shares additional modeling shots through Instagram for her over 110,000 followers. 

Early life

She first started sharing her modeling photos through Instagram in September of 2014. She started gaining further attention in September of 2016 when she was featured in an issue of Girlfriend Magazine. 


In addition to modeling, she is also an Equestrian and shared a photo of her winning the Sydney Royal 2016 Equestrian Competition in April of that year to her Instagram. 

Family of Lilly Moreau

She was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and is known for dating Reice Billson. 

Close associates of Lilly Moreau

Other Australian models also known for having earned representation from Scoop Management include Maddy King and Elouise Morris. 

Jean Camilo

About Jean Camilo

Crown verified TikTok personality on the account whose lip-sync and dance videos would earn him 800,000 fans on the account itsjeancamilo. He is also popular on YouTube where he published reaction, toy and other entertaining videos. 

Early life

He was about 15 years old when he saw his begin to surge on social media. 


He became a representative for Colombia. He earned the transition badge for his account. 

Family of Jean Camilo

He was born in Cali, Colombia. 

Close associates of Jean Camilo

He often collaborates with Mapusa and MateoCo on social media.