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Maud Van der Vorst

About Maud Van der Vorst

Belgian TikTok creator featured more than a dozen times on the popular app. Her maud_vdv account has earned upwards of 460,000 followers through a collection of comedies, lip syncs, and gymnastics videos. 

Early life

She began doing gymnastics at the age of five and would later go on to sing and dance in various musicals. In April 2016, she joined TikTok, and by July had earned her first feature. 


She has a YouTube channel, StoriesByM, where she has posted several vlogs and challenges.

Family of Maud Van der Vorst

She has two sisters, Camille and Louise. Louise also has her own TikTok account.

Close associates of Maud Van der Vorst

She is a member of the TikTok collab group BelgianCrew alongside Stien Edlund and Sil Luyten. 

Marin Honda

About Marin Honda

Figure skater who won the 2016 World Junior championship and earned a silver medal at the 2017 World Junior competition as well as a bronze medal at the 2015-16 Junior Grand Prix Final. She set the record for 128.64 points at the 2016 JGP Japan. 

Early life

She began skating at the age of two in order to follow in the footsteps of her brother Taichi. 


She has studied and trained at Kansai University Middle School. She has over 850,000 followers on Instagram.

Family of Marin Honda

She is one of five children including Taichi, Maho, Miyu, and Sara. All are figure skaters beside Maho.

Close associates of Marin Honda

Yuzuru Hanyu is another famous Japanese ice skater.

Isadora Battirola

About Isadora Battirola

One-half of the daughter-mom duo behind the blog Santo Bom Gosto (Holy Good Taste), which covers all things from fashion to food. Her blog has expanded into a store and well-recognized brand in the Brazilian fashion scene.

Early life

She founded the blog Santo Bom Gosto in April 2012 as a creative outlet to chronicle her daily life and passions.


She has become a social media influencer racking up over 40,000 Instagram followers and counting.

Family of Isadora Battirola

She s born and raised in Balneario, Camboriu, Brazil. She attended fashion design school.

Close associates of Isadora Battirola

She and Lydia Elise Millen are both fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

Kayla Lusby

About Kayla Lusby

Sports reporter and reality television personality who first gained fame through her appearance on the first season of MTV reality series Are You the One?. Since appearing on the show, she has worked as a reporter for the Nexstar Broadcasting Group and as the co-host of Fitness from the Ground Up on NBC Sports Radio.

Early life

She grew up in Greenfield, Tennessee. She worked as an intern at News Channel 5 in Nashville.


She previously emceed for the Mississippi River Kings professional hockey team. In December 2020 she was featured in a Distractify article titled “This Is What Happened to the Couples From Season 1 of AYTO .”

Family of Kayla Lusby

Her father was a preacher.

Close associates of Kayla Lusby

She and Paige Brendel both starred on the first season of Are You the One?

Kelley Washington

About Kelley Washington

Wide receiver who made his NFL debut in 2003 for the Cincinnati Bengals, and appeared in Super Bowl XLII with the New England Patriots.

Early life

He played for two years at the University of Tennessee, where he was a freshman All-American.


He was also a star baseball player, and spent four years in the Florida Marlins Minor League system.

Family of Kelley Washington

He was born and raised in Stephens City, Virginia.

Close associates of Kelley Washington

While in the Minors he was roommates with Josh Beckett.

Kira Cambio

About Kira Cambio

Dance, lip sync, and comedy content creator who is known for her kcambio TikTok account. She has performed to popular music, as well as, reciting lines from film/television shows.

Early life

She was a competitive swimmer and played soccer throughout her youth.


Her friends and fans referred to her as Keeks.

Family of Kira Cambio

She was born in New York City but moved to Florida with her family. 

Close associates of Kira Cambio

She parodied internet personality Mia Khalifa in a 2019 TikTok.