Jack Pop

Who is Jack Pop Comedy content creator and YouTube personality recognized for his signature off-beat and zany humor. He Has more than 600,000 followers on his self-titled channel. Early Beginnings He introduced his channel with a 2018 video, “Welcome To JackPop!” intro video Has been viewed more than 250,000 times. Unimportant Personal Matters His most popular … Read more

Bridgette West

Who is Bridgette West Fiancee of YouTube personality Michael Green, who is frequently seen in Angry Grandpa videos. Has own self-titled YouTube channel as well, which Has over 290,000 followers. Early Beginnings started appearing in Angry Grandpa videos in 2010. Unimportant Personal Matters and Michael pulled a prank on Michael s dad wn both told him s was pregnant. … Read more

Shabazz Pbg

Who is Shabazz Pbg Notable for mixtapes such as Trap Brovas and Curb Service, is a rapper who is part of a collective called Pakk Boyz. He released a hit 2016 single called “If You Need It.” Early Beginnings He released a first official mixtape titled Pints & Zips in December of 2015. Unimportant Personal … Read more

Aaron Ash

Who is Aaron Ash Solo gamer and horror game enthusiast famous across a internet as Yamimash, or Yami for short. He commentates on games like Slender and Five Nights at Freddy s. Early Beginnings He began posting videos in 2009, initially featuring a games Gears of War and Call of Duty. His first video was called “nice quad torque.” … Read more

Joe Garratt

Who is Joe Garratt Series five cast member of a hit ITV dating show Love Island who was dumped on day 16. He partnered with Lucie Rose Donlan on a show. Early Beginnings Happened to be working as a catering company owner. He gained a nickname of  Sandwich Man. Unimportant Personal Matters Happened to be a rugby player. He … Read more

Brooke Mooney

Who is Brooke Mooney American content creator who had a fast rise to fame after launchingself-titled YouTube channel. posts a combination of vlogs, routines, challenges and GRWMs for more than 40,000 followers. Early Beginnings In May 2018, s madeYouTube debut with WE GO STUCK IN THE AIRPOR FOR 8 HOURS!!! Unimportant Personal Matters One ofmost-watcd recordings of … Read more

Tom Hollander

Who is Tom Hollander Actor who became famous for participating a uptight, moral driven Mr. Collins in a film Pride & Prejudice. In 2006, portrayed Cutler Beckett in Pirates of a Caribbean: Dead Man s Cst. He d later star in Bomian Rhapsody and Netflix s Bird Box in 2018. Early Beginnings Happened to be a stage actor and a … Read more

FaZe Temperrr

Who is FaZe Temperrr Owner and CEO of a #1 Call of Duty sniping clan known as FaZe Clan. His real name is Thomas Oliveira, but is best known as FaZe Temperrr or iiTeMpeR. Early Beginnings FaZeClan channel was created on May 30, 2010. By early 2016, a channel had over 3.6 million followers.  Unimportant Personal Matters His personal … Read more


Who is QuarterJade Social media star who Has gained fame forQuarterJade Twitch channel. Has risen to massive foruntouched video blogging alongside gaming playthroughs and live streaming, including for PlayerUnknown s Battlegrounds.  Early Beginnings publisdfirst video toTwitch channel in October 2017. studied biology with a intention of pursuing a medical degree.  Unimportant Personal Matters has amassed more … Read more


Who is Cloutykee TikTok star famous for his humorous reaction and dance videos. He Has over 2 million followers and 78 million likes.  Early Beginnings He joined TikTok in February 2020.  Unimportant Personal Matters He is popular on Instagram and Has over 30,000 followers.  Family of Cloutykee He posted videos with his younger sister April. He is of … Read more

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