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Luna Ferrere

About Luna Ferrere

Lip sync and dance content creator best known for sharing short videos on her self titled TikTok account. Her on the platform led to her amassing more than 110,000 fans.

Early life

One of her oldest archived TikToks was set to Don Patricio s “Contando Lunares.”


Her videos have racked up more than 1 million total likes. 

Family of Luna Ferrere

She was born in Argentina. 

Close associates of Luna Ferrere

She created a duet video featuring Darlngrrez. 

Kaia Walls

About Kaia Walls

TikTok sensation known for posting comedy, challenge and lip-syncing videos. Her account has reached over 650,000 followers and more than 8 million likes.

Early life

She attended Hayti High School in Missouri as a teenager. She posted her first TikTok in March 2019.


Her account hit 500,000 followers in March 2021. She also started a YouTube channel, where she posts vlogs, pranks and challenges.

Family of Kaia Walls

She often posts TikToks featuring her four kids. She also frequently mentions her fiancée Destiny Hope.

Close associates of Kaia Walls

She s created many TikToks using audios from popular musicians, including Cardi B, DJ Shawny and Ariana Grande.

Hayley Hasselhoff

About Hayley Hasselhoff

Known for her role as Amber on ABC Family s Huge, Hasselhoff is also famous as the daughter of actress Pamela Bach and actor David Hasselhoff.

Early life

She appeared at the age of seven in an episode of her father s popular television series Baywatch.


In her early teens, she began pursuing a career as a plus-size fashion model.

Family of Hayley Hasselhoff

Along with her sister Taylor and her father David Hasselhoff, she appeared on A&E s 2010 reality show The Hasselhoffs.

Close associates of Hayley Hasselhoff

Her Huge co-stars include Nikki Blonsky and Raven Goodwin.

Heloise Guerin

About Heloise Guerin

French model most associated with her campaigns for Blumarine, Jill Stuart and Lacoste, among others.

Early life

Standing at almost 6 feet tall, she was an extraordinarily tall girl and knew that she d make a great model.


She is considered by many designers to be the ultimate chameleon, and can adopt many looks with ease.

Family of Heloise Guerin

She was born in Paris, France.

Close associates of Heloise Guerin

She has walked the runway for fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi on numerous occasions.

Lizzie Fortunato

About Lizzie Fortunato

Accessories designer who, with her sister, founded and operated Lizzie Fortunato, a statement piece jewelry company that also specializes in leather goods. The brand is known for its bold feel and draws on travel, fine art, and textiles for inspiration.

Early life

The twins started their business while students at Duke University in the early oughts. Elizabeth designed jewelry while her sister used her background in economics to market the pieces and create a profitable brand. 


Elizabeth ran the brand almost completely on her own before Kathryn officially joined two years after her sister had moved to NYC post-graduation.

Family of Lizzie Fortunato

They celebrated Father s Day in 2018 with a canoe ride with their father Mark up the Brandywine River in Pennsylvania.

Close associates of Lizzie Fortunato

Alexis and Kym McClay are also twin sisters who own and operate their own fashion line called Maven.

Iris Terés

About Iris Terés

Point-of-view content creator who is best known for posting various lip sync performances on her self titled account. Her videos have received more than 29 million likes on the platform.

Early life

She began creating short form content on prior to the platform becoming TikTok.


She built a fanbase of more than 1.8 million followers. 

Family of Iris Terés

She was born in Spain. In early 2020, she began dating YouTuber TheShooterCoC. 

Close associates of Iris Terés

She created a TikTok set to Britney Spears “Criminal.”