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Lonnie Young

About Lonnie Young

Point-of-view comedy and lip sync content creator who rose to fame under the TikTok username hilonnie. He has gone on to garner more than 900,000 followers on the platform. 

Early life

He has always considered his family to be his priority. 


He stated that his favorite performer was Roddy Ricch. He is a member of the TikTok dance collective The Limited Edition.

Family of Lonnie Young

He has six siblings.

Close associates of Lonnie Young

He named Will Smith as being his biggest influence.

Lia Weber

About Lia Weber

Cake artist who won the fourth season of the TLC pastry contest Next Great Baker alongside her baking partner Al Watson. She is the owner of the St. Louis-based pastry shop Made. by Lia.

Early life

She grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and graduated from Fontbonne University. She was a baking and pastry instructor at St. Louis Community College.


She has been a baking ambassador for AB Mauri North America.

Family of Lia Weber

She married Max Holter in 2015.

Close associates of Lia Weber

She became a culinary celebrity on Next Great Baker, hosted by Buddy Valastro.

Nitin Kumar

About Nitin Kumar

Singer who first found fame as the first runner-up on the Indian singing competition show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil in 2011. In 2018, he appeared on television once again as a contestant on season 10 of Indian Idol. 

Early life

He began singing bhajans at age 5 and attended a private school in Una, India. 


He performed songs like The Wadali Brothers “Tu Mane Ya Na Mane Dildara” on Indian Idol. 

Family of Nitin Kumar

He has shared photos of his family on Instagram. 

Close associates of Nitin Kumar

He performed with Badshah on Indian Idol. 

Lorena Menjivar

About Lorena Menjivar

Journalist and presenter most well known as a producer and host for the morning show Hola El Salvador. 

Early life

At seventeen, she began her journalistic career as a reporter for the tourist program El Salvador de Cerca. 


Her television following extends to Instagram where her style photos, photoshoots, and more have earned her more than 380,000 fans. 

Family of Lorena Menjivar

In November 2017, she married Andrés E. Díaz. 

Close associates of Lorena Menjivar

Both she and Majo Alger are successful El Salvadorian television presenters. 

Lorena Catalano

About Lorena Catalano

Member of the joint YouTube channel Trilliz Catalano with her sisters Valentina and Carol. The triplets have earned more than 1.9 million subscribers creating DIYs, tags, and other videos. They also vlog on the channel Trilliz Catalano Vlogs.

Early life

She and her sisters careers in entertainment began as children when they appeared in an Oreo commercial.


One of the Catalano sisters most popular videos is “Por qué Nuestra Hermana es Diferente a Nosotras?” posted in January 2016.

Family of Lorena Catalano

Her younger sister, Loredana, appears in videos like “Tenemos Hermanito Nuevo?” on her main channel. She also has a younger brother.

Close associates of Lorena Catalano

Both she and Rafa Arrieta are popular Venezuelan YouTubers.

Gael Martin

About Gael Martin

Australian Olympic athlete known for her bronze medal finish in the 1984 Olympic shot put competition.

Early life

She first competed in the Commonwealth Games in 1978, winning a silver medal in the discus event.


She won gold in both the discus and shot put events at the 1986 Commonwealth Games, held in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Family of Gael Martin

Her father, Ken Mulhall, was a professional soccer player for the St. Kilda Football Club.

Close associates of Gael Martin

She and renowned gymnast, Mary Lou Retton, both competed in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, CA.