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Larry Caputo

About Larry Caputo

Television personality on the TLC series Long Island Medium who starred alongside his wife Theresa Caputo and their children Victoria and Lawrence.

Early life

He retired at the age of 55 when he sold his imported food business.


He played hockey for more than 25 years and coached his son s hockey team.

Family of Larry Caputo

He married Theresa in 1989 and they later separated in 2017.

Close associates of Larry Caputo

He is a TLC reality personality who stars alongside his wife like Bill Klein of The Little Couple.

Sydney Bechter

About Sydney Bechter

Popular social media star who is best known for her sydbech TikTok account where she posts lip-sync and dance videos. She has earned over 280,000 followers on the platform. 

Early life

She has played volleyball on her high school team. 


One of her most popular TikTok videos is a transition set to the XIX song “Kismet.” 

Family of Sydney Bechter

Her sister, Nicole, has appeared on her sydneybechter Instagram account. She has been dating Lainey Heller.

Close associates of Sydney Bechter

She posted a TikTok duet with Kathryn Seyller in August 2020. 

Nadia Gaber

About Nadia Gaber

TikTok star who has gained fame for her self-titled channel. Her lip syncs, text-in-video memes, and dances to popular TikTok trends have helped her rise to more than 8 million likes.

Early life

She began her TikTok channel in 2019. 


She has more than 320,000 TikTok followers. 

Family of Nadia Gaber

She has featured her mom on TikTok.

Close associates of Nadia Gaber

She and Eleanor Fulton are both famous lip syncers on TikTok.

Julie Brown

About Julie Brown

Actress and director who co-wrote Camp Rock, featuring Demi Lovato and The Jonas Brothers. 

Early life

She attended Los Angeles Valley college and the American Conservatory Theater. 


She appeared in an episode of the television series Happy Days when she was younger. 

Family of Julie Brown

She has been married twice; her second marriage was to Ken Resnick. 

Close associates of Julie Brown

She appeared in the film Clueless with Alicia Silverstone. 

Mara Roldán

About Mara Roldán

Model and Instagram star who is known for posting a variety of modeling content in different locations. She is also known for being a presenter on the ESPN network as well as being a nutritionist. She shares her health related and modeling content to her over 310,000 Instagram followers. 

Early life

She first began by sharing modeling content to her Instagram in April of 2012. 


In addition to her work as a nutritionist, she is also known for being a health coach and offers a variety of personal lessons online. 

Family of Mara Roldán

She was born and raised in Medellin, Colombia. 

Close associates of Mara Roldán

She posted a picture of her video interview with Carlos Vives on the ESPN Colombia network to her Instagram in October of 2017. 

Kristina Babicz

About Kristina Babicz

Social media personality and reality star who was cast on the 15th season of Oxygen s hit reality series Bad Girls Club.

Early life

She grew up a tomboy and trust fund baby in Clifton, New Jersey.


She is also a gym shark, posting selfies to her Instagram account, which boasts over 100,000 followers. 

Family of Kristina Babicz

She was born to parents LuAnn and Bruno, whom later spanorced. She has a strained relationship with her sister, Angela, who was also cast on Bad Girls Club.

Close associates of Kristina Babicz

She is a Bad Girls Club personality like JeLaminah Lanier.