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Regina Dukai

About Regina Dukai

Fashion and glamour model who is recognized for having been featured on the cover of FHM magazine. She has also appeared in advertisement campaigns for international brands such as Coca Cola.

Early life

She began her modeling career in 2001 for Manhattan Cosmetics.


In 2004, she released a pop music album titled Just Love Me.

Family of Regina Dukai

She was in a relationship with soccer player Róbert Feczesin.

Close associates of Regina Dukai

She and fellow model Barbara Palvin were both born in Hungary. 

Nicole Kelly

About Nicole Kelly

Dancer and pageant winner who became a crown verified TikTok creator with more than 1.1 million fans on her nicolekellyy account. 

Early life

She first got started on social media with Instagram, uploading a photo of a doughnut in June of 2012 as her first picture. 


She was named the Miss Teen Beyond the Stars National Title winner in 2016. She enjoyed softball and basketball growing up. 

Family of Nicole Kelly

She has a sister named Jessica. 

Close associates of Nicole Kelly

For her 150th post on TikTok, she used the song “Stick Talk” by Future. 

Louise Busse

About Louise Busse

Became best known for sharing the TikTok account lauralouise20 with her best friend Laura Kumpen. The popular account later became a solo account for Laura. 

Early life

She and Laura began creating content for TikTok in 2016. 


She and Laura earned their 10th feature by TikTok in early 2017. 

Family of Louise Busse

She has a brother named Jenot. 

Close associates of Louise Busse

Her 11th featured TikTok video was set to the tune of Ed Sheeran s “Galway Girl.”  

Sophia Kerpsack

About Sophia Kerpsack

Lip sync and dance content creator who is recognized for sharing videos on her sophiakerpsack TikTok account. Her enthusiastic performances have garnered her more than 4,000 followers.

Early life

She competed in International Dance Academy events.


She performed a back flip in a 2019 TikTok. 

Family of Sophia Kerpsack

She is the younger sister of Sarah Graysun. 

Close associates of Sophia Kerpsack

She performed a dance set to Lil Nas X s “Old Town Road.” 

Luana Nogueira

About Luana Nogueira

Brazilian reality star who rose to fame after getting cast on the Brazilian version of popular MTV dating show Are You the One? She has over 80,000 followers on Instagram. 

Early life

She worked in public relations prior to getting cast on Are You The One?


Despite her season of Are You The One airing in 2016, she still continues to be an active part of the MTV Brazil scene. In May of 2018, she attended the MTV Millienial Awards in Sao Paolo.

Family of Luana Nogueira

She bounced around to different men during Are You The One before finally ending up with Felipe Laport in the final episode. 

Close associates of Luana Nogueira

Fellow reality star and Are You The One? cast member Vanessa Aud accompanied her to the MTV Millennial Awards. 

Leila Otadi

About Leila Otadi

Actress who has become a star in Iranian cinema with roles in films like Willow Tree (2004), Messed Up (2011) and White Forehead 2 (2018). She has also had roles on shows like Blood Money and The Excellency. 

Early life

She was offered her first acting role at age 7 but her family decided that she should focus on school instead. She began stage acting at age 18. 


She published her first book of poetry, In Heaven There is No Crow, Nor Scarecrow, in 2014. 

Family of Leila Otadi

She has shared photos of her father and mother on Instagram. 

Close associates of Leila Otadi

She and Mitra Hajjar appeared together in the comedy Katyusha (2018).