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Zeke Official Tumblers

About Zeke Official Tumblers

Gymnast and tumbler featured on the YouTube channel Official Tumblers which includes challenges and vlogs in addition to gymnastics/tumbling content. The channel has more than 210,000 subscribers.

Early life

The channel was started in December of 2015.


Some of the most watched videos on the Official Tumblers channel became footage from a trampoline park.

Family of Zeke Official Tumblers

His last name is Frater. He stars alongside his younger sister Lydia on YouTube.

Close associates of Zeke Official Tumblers

He is a gymnast on YouTube like Hunter In The Gym.

Jessika Jenson

About Jessika Jenson

Snowboarder who represents the United States internationally.

Early life

She began snowboarding at a young age.


She made her Olympic debut at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi.

Family of Jessika Jenson

She was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Close associates of Jessika Jenson

She was part of a Team USA snowboarding contingency at the 2014 Olympics that included superstar Shaun White.

Kia Amire

About Kia Amire

American YouTuber who became popular on her for her vlogs, tutorials, stories, challenges, pranks, reactions and more on her self-titled channel. Her channel amassed more than 60,000 subscribers before it was terminated due to a friend s jealously. She would later restart her channel under the same name. 

Early life

She graduated from college with a degree in creative and performing arts. 


She is an avid NBA 2k player and has been known to stream the game on her Twitch channel, Kia_Amire. 

Family of Kia Amire

She grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, alongside her four brothers and one sister. 

Close associates of Kia Amire

As an avid Cleveland Cavaliers fan, she idolizes NBA star LeBron James.  

Kristin Hersh

About Kristin Hersh

American singer who found success in the late 80 s as the frontwoman of the alt-rock band Throwing Muses. She has also released acoustic guitar-based solo albums like 2003 s The Grotto and is a member of the rock trio 50 Foot Wave

Early life

She grew up in Newport, Rhode Island and started taking guitar lessons from her father at age nine.


Her memoir Rat Girl, which focuses on a single year at the height of Throwing Muses , was released in 2011.

Family of Kristin Hersh

Her stepsister Tanya Donelly is a founding member of Throwing Muses.

Close associates of Kristin Hersh

Her solo album The Grotto features violin contributions from Andrew Bird.

Francesca Eastwood

About Francesca Eastwood

Actress who became known as the daughter of famed actors Clint Eastwood and Frances Fisher.

Early life

She has played the on-screen daughter for both of her parents in two separate films.


She was in a reality series about her family called Mrs. Eastwood & Company.

Family of Francesca Eastwood

She has six half-siblings named Kimber, Kyle, Alison, Scott, Kathryn, and Morgan. She was very briefly married to Jordan Feldstein, but the couple annulled the marriage after only eight days.

Close associates of Francesca Eastwood

She appeared in her father s 2014 film Jersey Boys, which starred Vincent Piazza.

Kelly Eden

About Kelly Eden

Alternative model and cosplayer known for her bright pink hair and tattoos. She s been featured on the cover of several alternative fashion magazines, including Sinical, Skin Art and Tabu. She has more than 260,000 followers on Instagram.

Early life

She attended the Denver School of Arts before going on to work as a licensed tattoo artist. She was scouted for modeling by a series of photographers during her time as a tattoo artist.


Also known for her self-titled YouTube channel, she has managed to accrue over 210,000 subscribers for her alternative content.  

Family of Kelly Eden

Her mother was in the first Easy Bake Oven commercial in 1964. She has been based in West Hollywood, California.

Close associates of Kelly Eden

One of her YouTube videos features The Tim Burton Restaurant in Hollywood, California.