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Dominic Aitchison

About Dominic Aitchison

Bassist best known as a founding member of the Scottish band Mogwai, who are widely considered a pioneering post-rock act. Additionally, he has performed as a member of Stage Blood and the prog-rock supergroup Crippled Black Phoenix.

Early life

He was a graphic design student at The Glasgow College of Building and Printing.


He composed music for the documentary Uncle Howard (2016).

Family of Dominic Aitchison

He has children.

Close associates of Dominic Aitchison

He and guitarist Niall Hone have both performed with Crippled Black Phoenix.

Kathy Valentine

About Kathy Valentine

Bass guitarist who performed with the American pop group, The Go-Go s, and who also co-founded the band The Textones.

Early life

She began playing the bass when she was sixteen and decided around that same time to pursue music professionally.


She was asked to leave The Go-Go s after it was determined that she insulted the band too frequently on social media.

Family of Kathy Valentine

She had one daughter with fellow musician, Steven Weisburd.

Close associates of Kathy Valentine

She used to be close friends with bandmate Belinda Carlisle, but now the two are enemies.

Kira Roessler

About Kira Roessler

Bassist who played on five albums by the seminal California punk rock band Black Flag. Following the band s breakup, she joined former husband Mike Watt in the two-bass duo known as Dos.

Early life

She was born in New Haven, Connecticut and was playing with the band DC3 when she was invited to replace Chuck Dukowski as the bassist for Black Flag.


She has recently become a respected dialogue editor for films and television, winning an Emmy for her work on the HBO miniseries John Adams.

Family of Kira Roessler

She was married to The Minutemen bassist Mike Watt from 1987 to 1994. Her brother is Paul Roessler, who played keyboards in punk rock bands like The Screamers and 45 Grave.

Close associates of Kira Roessler

She played with frontman Henry Rollins in Black Flag from 1983 to 1985.

Kit Tanton

About Kit Tanton

Bass player for the pop rock band ROOM 94 who have supported top acts such as Lawson and Union J. He is joined by the Lemon brothers, Kieran, Sean, and Dean in ROOM 94.

Early life

He played gigs at local venues and pubs while working as a special needs care worker.


With the band, he achieved a chart topping album without the help of radio play or management.

Family of Kit Tanton

He has two older sisters and was born in Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield, Hertfordshire.

Close associates of Kit Tanton

Dean Lemon plays the drums alongside him in the band ROOM 94.

Gus Unger-Hamilton

About Gus Unger-Hamilton

Keyboard player and bassist for the English indie and alternative rock band Alt-J.

Early life

He was a fine arts student at Leeds University along with his bandmates Joe Newman, Thom Green, and Gwil Sainsbury. Upon graduation the four of them moved to Cambridge to really spane into their music and produced their debut album An Awesome Wave.


He has said in interviews that their reason for success is that they didn t let fame go to their heads and they don t act spoiled.

Family of Gus Unger-Hamilton

His girlfriend s name is April.

Close associates of Gus Unger-Hamilton

Miley Cyrus is a big Alt-J fan and blasted their song “Fitzpleasure” in the various world arenas during one of the breaks on her Bangerz tour.

Dusty Hill

About Dusty Hill

Bassist and vocalist with the rock band ZZ Top who has also appeared in the movie Back to the Future Part III.

Early life

He grew up in Texas and attended Woodrow Wilson High School.


He was featured in an episode of King of the Hill, playing the role of Hank s cousin Dusty.

Family of Dusty Hill

His brother Rocky Hill is also a member of ZZ Top.

Close associates of Dusty Hill

He played in ZZ Top with Frank Beard.