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Dusty Wygle

About Dusty Wygle

Action sports athlete who has found great success as a member of the Nitro Circus crew. His talents have led to regular appearances on the popular television shows Nitro Circus Live on MTV2 and Thrillbillies on Fuel TV as well as an appearance on the big screen with Nitro Circus 3D in 2012.

Early life

He started dirt biking at age 10 and began having major success at age 15.


In 2008, he broke the world record for the longest backflip on a KLX 110 on a ramp to dirt landing.

Family of Dusty Wygle

He grew up in Sun Valley, California.

Close associates of Dusty Wygle

He and Jolene Van Vugt have both appeared on Nitro Circus Live.

Gabriela Díaz

About Gabriela Díaz

BMX cyclist from Argentina who became the most highly-decorated female rider of all time. She is the winner of six Pan American Championship titles and three gold medals at the UCI World Championships.

Early life

She was born in Alta Garcia, Argentina.


She bested her own sister by two seconds at the 2011 Pan American Games.

Family of Gabriela Díaz

Her sister, Mariana, is also a BMX cyclist.

Close associates of Gabriela Díaz

She and Mariana Pajón are two of the most famous female BMX riders in history.

Devon Smillie

About Devon Smillie

Professional BMX rider who is known for his variety of sponsorships and for his competitions. He has competed in several X-Games, been featured in a variety of magazines and other press outlets, and has filmed several video parts for different companies. 

Early life

With an interest in extreme sports at a young age, he was able to combine his passion in street skateboarding and BMX riding and became known for his street style of BMX riding. As his technical skills improved, he gained several sponsorships.  


In 2017, he earned second place in the X-Games in Minneapolis. 

Family of Devon Smillie

He was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California. 

Close associates of Devon Smillie

He can be seen in relation to other professional BMX riders including Mat Hoffman and Garrett Reynolds. 

Adrien van Beveren

About Adrien van Beveren

French motocross driver who won the Enduropale du Touquet in 2014, 2015, and 2016 making him the dirve driver to win the title in three consecutive years since Eric Geboers did in the 1990s. 

Early life

In 1997 he received his first motorcycle for Christmas and began racing shortly after.


He is currently sponsored by Yamaha bikes.

Family of Adrien van Beveren

He posted a pic with his sister Florence in September 2017.

Close associates of Adrien van Beveren

He is a Monster athlete along with Conor McGregor and Gus Kenworthy.

Donny Robinson

About Donny Robinson

A professional BMX biker who became the coach of the 2008 U.S. Olympic BMX team.

Early life

He was raised a devout Christian.


He sang in his middle school choir.

Family of Donny Robinson

He married Tiffany Lei Glenn in 2009.

Close associates of Donny Robinson

He is a famous BMX biker like Ricardo Laguna.

Ami Houde

About Ami Houde

Motocross racer who signed to Monster Jam Triple Threat series in 2017. In 2008, she founded the motocross insurance company MXA, and has run it as its top agent. 

Early life

She began racing motocross at age 3. She graduated from the University of Winnipeg in 2012 with her bachelor s degree in business administration. 


She has earned more than 150,000 followers to her personal Instagram account. She became the first Canadian to participate in the FIM World Championships in 2010.

Family of Ami Houde

She has cited her father, who was a 1979 national motocross champion in Canada, as her chief inspiration.

Close associates of Ami Houde

She and Adam Anderson are both famous for their Monster Truck driving careers.