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Marie Wold

About Marie Wold

Bodybuilder and NPC bikini competitor who signed with Team Bodybuilding in January of 2017. She offers fitness and nutrition advice and tutorials on YouTube, and became an Instagram star as well with 180,000 followers.

Early life

She was born in Minneapolis and later resided in Saint Paul.


She became a sponsored athlete for Alphalete, PEScience and Bite Meals.

Family of Marie Wold

She dated fellow fitness enthusiast Andrew Shows.

Close associates of Marie Wold

She is a friend of fellow bodybuilding competitor Amanda Bucci.

Katrina Wright

About Katrina Wright

Bodybuilder who has also been named a WNBF Pro Natural Bikini. She has over 800,000 followers on her collegecleaneating Instagram account.

Early life

She played lacrosse in high school but was unable to continue in college due to injury. She ended up studying Food Science and Technology at Virginia Tech.


She started the blog College Clean Eating to write about her dieting with IBS and chronic pain.

Family of Katrina Wright

She is from the United States.

Close associates of Katrina Wright

She and Kara Corey are both WNBF Pro Bikini s in the United States.

Ike Musitz

About Ike Musitz

Austrian professional bodybuilder and personal trainer who first tasted fame after being named Mr. Vienna in 2013. Also an actor and model, he has had notable roles in the film Glass Jaw and on the series Kevin Hart: What the Fit.

Early life

He became skilled at judo and taekwondo in his youth.


His fans have supported him on Instagram where he shares selfies and workout photos with more than 130,000 followers.

Family of Ike Musitz

His mother is Austrian and his father is Nigerian.

Close associates of Ike Musitz

He has been described as both a young Dwayne Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Leanna Carr

About Leanna Carr

Powerlifter and fitness competitor who would win multiple USAPL meets and her very first NPC Figure Competition. Her fitness journey is on display for more than 90,000 followers of her Instagram account.

Early life

She did gymnastics at a young age before getting into competitive and All Star cheerleading which she did for 6 years.


She worked part time at a golf club while attending the University of Georgia full time. She trained the UGA Powerlifting Team.

Family of Leanna Carr

Her hometown is Buford, Georgia and she would later reside in Athens, GA. She dated fellow bodybuilder Alberto Nuñez.

Close associates of Leanna Carr

She and Candice Falzon are both champion iron women.

Kathy Martínez

About Kathy Martínez

Colombian bodybuilder, fitness model and personal trainer known as Kathy.Fitness. She has been sponsored by the professional supplement comapny, ProSupps

Early life

She is an online coach through Asesorias de Nutricion.


She s a social media influencer, having amassed over 160,000 Instagram followers and growing through sharing her fitness regime.

Family of Kathy Martínez

She s orignally from Bogota, Colombia. She has dated bodybuilder Julio Ortega.

Close associates of Kathy Martínez

She and Ainsley Rodriguez are both known bodybuilders, fitness models and personal trainers.