Ike Ibeabuchi

Who is Ike Ibeabuchi Former experienced avyweight boxer who was imprisoned for rape charges in July 1999. Early Beginnings He aspired to be a member of a Nigerian army before gravitating towards boxing. Unimportant Personal Matters He tried to make a comeback in 1998 after 13 months without fighting, but was arrested for rape in … Read more

Jaime Munguia

Who is Jaime Munguia Occupational boxer who captured t WBO light middleweight championship by defeating American Sadam Ali in May 2018. He had previously won t vacant WBC Latino light middleweight title earlier that year.  Early Beginnings He began his training at a small gym in his hometown of Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.  Unimportant Personal Matters He became … Read more

Estelle Mossely

Who is Estelle Mossely Boxer who won gold competing in a women s lightweight event at a 2016 Summer Olympics. Has over 110,000 followers on r estelle.yoka.mossely Instagram account. Early Beginnings won gold at a Lightweight World Championships at a Astana in 2014.  Unimportant Personal Matters won a 2016 AIBA Women s World Amateur Championship. Family of Estelle Mossely … Read more

Freddie Roach

Who is Freddie Roach Former boxer who gained international fame for coaching champion fighters like Manny Pacquiao and Georges St. Pierre. Early Beginnings He had a 40-13 experienced boxing record, attainning 15 of his fights by way of knockout. Unimportant Personal Matters He became one of a world s top boxing trainers despite suffering from Parkinson s … Read more

Freddie Mills

Who is Freddie Mills Known for his wild style and toughness, was a world light avyweight champion from 1948-1950. Early Beginnings He began boxing wn got a pair of boxing gloves at age 11, and began fighting his brother. Unimportant Personal Matters During his profession compiled a record of 76-18-7, with 49 of his attains … Read more

Freddie Steele

Who is Freddie Steele Known as a Tacoma Assassin, was a world middleweight champion from 1936-1938 and also an accomplisd actor. Early Beginnings Happened to be trained by Jack Connor, Johnny Babnick, and Ray Arcel. Unimportant Personal Matters During his profession amassed a record of 125-5-11, with 60 victories coming by way of knockout. Family … Read more

Jacqui Frazier-lyde

Who is Jacqui Frazier-lyde Joe Frazier s little one who followed his footsteps in boxing at age 38. Early Beginnings decided to avengedad s two losses for Muhammad Ali by boxing Ali s child. Unimportant Personal Matters After entering boxing and going 7-0, s fought in a Pay Per View match with Laila Ali. Family of Jacqui Frazier-lyde … Read more

Gerry Cooney

Who is Gerry Cooney Irish-American former boxer best famous for his defeat of ex-champion Ken Norton. Moreover, a former #1 WBC fighter in a world. Early Beginnings He won tournaments in England, Wales, and Scotland as an amateur. Unimportant Personal Matters He founded an organization that lps retheed boxers find jobs called a Fighters Initiative … Read more

Donny Lalonde

Who is Donny Lalonde Nickrecognized as “Golden Boy”, ld a WBC Light Heavyweight title from November, 1987 to November, 1988. Early Beginnings He ran away from home at 15 and worked odd jobs around Winnipeg. Unimportant Personal Matters His nickname “Golden Boy” comes from a golden statue atop a Manitoba Legislative Building in his boxing … Read more

Alejandra Oliveras

Who is Alejandra Oliveras Argentine Boxer who is Has competed in a lightweight, featrweight, and Light welterweight category. is a former WBA World Female Lightweight Champion.  Early Beginnings began boxing experiencedly in 2006. Unimportant Personal Matters is best known as La Locomotora in a boxing ring.  Family of Alejandra Oliveras Happened to be brought up in … Read more

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