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Krystal Ball

About Krystal Ball

Certified public accountant and TV personality who also ran for Congress in Virginia in 2010. She s become known for her appearances on various political news networks, including three years hosting The Cycle on MSNBC.

Early life

After originally attending Clemson University on an athletic scholarship, she transferred to the University of Virginia. She graduated with a degree in economics proceeded to spend time working as a CPA.


Her Congressional campaign was derailed after pictures of her at a costume party in college surfaced, and while they may have ruined her chances of being elected, she s since credited them for helping her enter a career in media to talk about issues she cares about.

Family of Krystal Ball

She married Jonathan Dariyanani in 2008 and has two children.

Close associates of Krystal Ball

She and Abby Huntsman worked together as hosts of The Cycle.

Irina Dreyt

About Irina Dreyt

Russian model who became co-owner of the Moscow based Mavrin Studios. With Mavrin, she has helped a number of Instagram stars increase their reach and global recognition. She has also built an immense social media presence of her own with over 1.2 million followers on her irina_dreyt Instagram account. 

Early life

One of her earliest photo shoots was held at the Grand Imperial Wellness athletic club in Moscow.


In 2014 she had the opportunity to travel to Kata Beach, Thailand.

Family of Irina Dreyt

She is originally from Russia.

Close associates of Irina Dreyt

She posed for a photo with electronic music producer Steve Aoki at the 2016 Tomorrowland festival.

Marina Mogilko

About Marina Mogilko

Businesswoman and executive who founded the booking engine for language courses and language home-stays LinguaTrip. She also co-founded a company called MP Education LLC.

Early life

She attended St. Petersburg State University.


She was photographed at a film premiere red carpet event in 2017.

Family of Marina Mogilko

She is from Russia.

Close associates of Marina Mogilko

She and fellow businesswoman Miroslava Duma were born in Russia.

Hope Hicks

About Hope Hicks

Business executive who was named White House Communications Director in August 2016 under President Donald Trump. She had previously served as his press secretary and communications director for his 2016 campaign, when she was his longest-serving political aide. 

Early life

She was a fashion model during her childhood years, appearing in campaigns for Ralph Lauren. She would later earn her B.A. from Southern Methodist University in 2010. 


She was named to Forbes Magazine s annual 30 under 30 list in January 2017. She has served as founder and CEO of the New York City-based public relations firm Zeno Group. 

Family of Hope Hicks

She has one sister named Mary Grace. Her parents are Paul and Caye. 

Close associates of Hope Hicks

She succeeded Anthony Scaramucci as the White House Communications Director in August 2017. 

Isabel Dos Santos

About Isabel Dos Santos

Businesswoman who, using her family s political influence and connections, became the richest woman in Africa and the continent s first female billionaire. She is the daughter of former Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

Early life

She studied electrical engineering at King s College London and has dabbled in a variety of industries, including trucking, walkie-talkies and nightclubs.


She was named as one of the 100 most influential women in the world by the BBC in 2015.

Family of Isabel Dos Santos

Her mother is Tatiana Kukanova. She married Congolese businessman and art collector Sindika Dokolo, with whom she has children. 

Close associates of Isabel Dos Santos

She and Veronica Duterte are both daughters of world leaders.

Krysta Yang

About Krysta Yang

Widely known for her work done as the public relations manager for Nintendo. She has gained for helping to introduce various high-profile concepts, such as the WiiU, as well as producing original content for the Nintendo YouTube channel.

Early life

She graduated with her B.A. in European history from Santa Clara University in 2006.


She has made appearances on Nintendo s behalf on Access Hollywood Live and HSN. She began working for Nintendo in 2007 as a corporate affairs assistant.

Family of Krysta Yang

She was born and raised in California.

Close associates of Krysta Yang

She has frequently collaborated with Kit Ellis on the Nintendo YouTube channel on their web series Kit and Krysta.