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Fiona The Feline

About Fiona The Feline

British Shorthair who became an Instagram sensation for being Doug The Pug s cat sister. She has gained 110,000 on her duhitsfiona Instagram account.

Early life

Her first post on Instagram was in January 2018.


She was featured in People Magazine s March 2018 issue.

Family of Fiona The Feline

Her owner Leslie Mosier adopted her in January 2018.

Close associates of Fiona The Feline

She s frequently featured on Doug The Pug s Instagram page.

Grumpy Cat

About Grumpy Cat

Known for her permanently grumpy face, she was a social media sensation cat, earning over 2 million followers on Instagram. Her real name was Tardar Sauce. Her face is often used in internet memes that spew negativity and general dislike for everything. 

Early life

She first gained recognition when Bryan Bundesen, her owner s brother, posted a picture of her to Reddit in September 2012 and the image went viral. 


Her facial appearance was due to an underbite and feline dwarfism. 

Family of Grumpy Cat

She was born in a litter of four kittens to a calico mother. Tabatha Bundesen was her owner. 

Close associates of Grumpy Cat

She appeared opposite Ethan Wacker in a 2016 episode of the Disney series Bizaardvark. 

Barnaby the Persian Cat

About Barnaby the Persian Cat

Shaded Golden Doll Face Persian cat whose fluffy mane and relaxed disposition have brought more than 140,000 followers to his Instagram account, barnaby_persian. 

Early life

He was adopted in August 2016.


He was included on Hello Giggles list of their favorite PersiaNiko the Persian
n cats on Instagram. 

Family of Barnaby the Persian Cat

He has a cat sibling named Eloise. 

Close associates of Barnaby the Persian Cat

He and Niko the Persian are both popular Persian cats on Instagram. 


Baby Gimo the Cat

About Baby Gimo the Cat

Cat whose unusually large eyes has made her a hit on Instagram, where her 1room1cat account currently has over 270,000 followers. She has been written about on sites like Buzzfeed, Metro and Bored Panda.

Early life

She was raised in South Korea. 


Her appearance has frequently been compared to the Shrek character Puss in Boots. 

Family of Baby Gimo the Cat

She often appears on Instagram with several other cats. 

Close associates of Baby Gimo the Cat

She and Fantastic Flora are both famous cats on Instagram.


Omar the Maine Coon

About Omar the Maine Coon

Maine Coon who, at 3 11″, has been widely recognized as one of the world s longest cats. His size and friendly demeanor have made him a popular cat on Instagram, where he currently has around 160,000 followers. 

Early life

He was raised in Melbourne, Australia. 


He became the star of his own YouTube channel, Omar the Maine Coon Cat, in September 2017.

Family of Omar the Maine Coon

His owner is Stephanie Hirst. He has lived with two dogs named Penny and Rafiki, who have their own Instagram account. 

Close associates of Omar the Maine Coon

He is a famous Maine Coon, much like Apollo.


Thor the Bengal

About Thor the Bengal

Bengal cat who has become an online sensation for his emerald green eyes and uniquely-striped fur. His media appearances and general feline adventures are chronicled on Instagram, where he has over 220,000 followers. 

Early life

He was raised in Kortenberg, Flanders, Belgium.


He has been featured in articles from Metro, Bored Panda, The Huffington Post and more. 

Family of Thor the Bengal

His owner is Rani Cucicov. He has lived with a black cat named Freya. 

Close associates of Thor the Bengal

He is a famous European cat, much like June the Kitty.