Courtney Smith-Pope

Who is Courtney Smith-Pope Cerleading coach best known as being a owner and operator of Cer Extreme Allstars gym brand. brand Has received a number of accolades due to a performances of its members. In 2015, a first gym outside of Virginia and North Carolina opened in Maryland. Early Beginnings attended Wake Forest University. While a … Read more

Alisha Dunlap

Who is Alisha Dunlap Coach at Cer Time Revolution All-Star Cerleading Gym and Owner/Coach at Perfection Studios who Featured on a reality show Cer Perfection. Early Beginnings Happened to be a part of Arkansas first all-star co-ed team called Cer Central Braves. cered for six years. Unimportant Personal Matters became a owner of Cer Time … Read more

Orby Orta

Who is Orby Orta All Star cerleading coach, choreograpr, and judge who Has over 250 National and State titles to his name, including 5 gold world titles, 2 silver and 1 bronze. He appears on a YouTube shows Cerleaders and Cerhab.  Early Beginnings He struggled to make friends and was bullied during his school years. At a … Read more

Monica Aldama

Who is Monica Aldama American cerleading coach who is best famous for having appeared in Netflix s popular 2020 TV series Cer and being a coach of a popular cerleading squad for Navarro College. is a 14-time NCA Collegiate National Cer Champion.  Early Beginnings has been cerleading since s was in high school. Unimportant Personal Matters has … Read more

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