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Eleanor Antin

About Eleanor Antin

Multimedia conceptual artist whose best-known works included “100 Boots,” “Carving: A Traditional Sculpture,” and “The Eight Temptations,” the latter two being from 1972.

Early life

She studied art, writing, and acting in New York City and later taught at the University of California, San Diego. She and Ossie Davis performed a staged reading together at the first NAACP convention.


Her socially-themed work “Representational Painting” was made up of video recordings in which she applied and re-applied makeup in order to try to find the right face to present to the world.

Family of Eleanor Antin

She was born into a Polish Jewish family who came to the United States shortly before she was born. She married the writer and critic David Antin in 1961. She and Antin met at City College.

Close associates of Eleanor Antin

Her “Blood of a Poet Box” included a collection of blood samples from 100 poets and was inspired by Jean Cocteau s film “Le Sang d un Poète” or “The Blood of a Poet” from 1930.

Carlota Guerrero

About Carlota Guerrero

Conceptual artist who has captured photos and videos of women in both strange and sexualized positions. She was the creative director of Solange Knowles  “Don t Touch My Hair” video. She has more than 310,000 followers on her carlota_guerrero Instagram account.

Early life

She captured Gaia Navas Kemp for VEIN Magazine in January 2015. 


She did art direction for a photography session of Alia Shawkat.

Family of Carlota Guerrero

She posted a photo of her sister Instagram in November 2017.

Close associates of Carlota Guerrero

She and Phil Harvey have both worked as creative directors for well-known musicians. 

Moses Hacmon

About Moses Hacmon

Conceptual artist who has gained fame for his focus on the study of the subject of water. He was given the American Institute of Architecture Medallion for Excellence in 2007, and released his first critically acclaimed project, Faces of Water, in 2013. 

Early life

He studied cinematography and fine arts at the Avni Institute of Art and Design. He later gained a degree in architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture in 2006.


He performed at the Soundwave Festival in San Francisco in 2014. He performed the exhibit H20de: an offbeat tribute on water in 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

Family of Moses Hacmon

His younger sister is YouTuber Hila Klein. He proposed to his long-time girlfriend Trisha Paytas in December 2020.

Close associates of Moses Hacmon

His work has been praised by Neil Gaiman.

Michael Craig-Martin

About Michael Craig-Martin

Irish conceptual artist whose most famous works included “The Oak Tree” and other paintings and murals. Emeritus Professor of Fine Arts at Goldsmiths.

Early life

His artistic talents were encouraged by a priest at St. Anselm s Abbey School.


He became a prominent teacher of members of the Young British Artists movement of the 1980s.

Family of Michael Craig-Martin

He married and had a daughter with fellow artist Jan Hashey before spanorcing.

Close associates of Michael Craig-Martin

He was greatly inspired by Mark Rothko.

Rich McCor

About Rich McCor

Otherwise known as Paperboyo, he is a paper artist who has risen to fame through the delicate paper cutouts he creates to transform photos of prominent landmarks. His unique works have earned him more than 480,000 fans on Instagram.

Early life

He was working at a creative agency traveling the world when he began making his unique transformative cutouts.


Some of his paper illusions feature landmarks like the London Eye, the Statue of Liberty, and the Guggenheim Museum.

Family of Rich McCor

Though a passionate traveler, he is a U.K. native.

Close associates of Rich McCor

Like Kara Walker, he is an artist risen to fame through his paper creations.