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Mira Scarlet

About Mira Scarlet

Cosplayer who has found online with her cosplays of popular characters like Captain Marvel, 2B and Saber Alter. Her cosplays have made her a popular presence on Instagram, where her account, miramira0825, has more than 200,000 followers. 

Early life

She began posting to Instagram in December 2013.


She creates her costumes live for 10,000 on her Twitch channel, mirascarlet. 

Family of Mira Scarlet

She has a brother. 

Close associates of Mira Scarlet

She has taken Instagram photos with Kay Pike. 

Irina Sabetskaya

About Irina Sabetskaya

Cosplay model and makeup artist who is known for having cosplayed as characters from Teen Titans, Life is Strange, and Overwatch. She has gone on to garner more than 130,000 followers on her evenink_casual
Instagram account.

Early life

She began her career by publishing makeup tutorials on YouTube in 2016.


In early 2018, she traveled to Istanbul, Turkey for a series of photos. 

Family of Irina Sabetskaya

She is from Belarus. 

Close associates of Irina Sabetskaya

She cosplayed as Milla Jovovich s Fifth Element character Leeloo Dallas in 2017. 

Gabriella Tacchi

About Gabriella Tacchi

Cosplayer and model also known as Black Cat and Lucky Bonez whose cosplays of characters like Bucky, Tracer and Black Widow have brought more than 120,000 followers to her lucky_bonez Instagram account. She is also known for her membership in the YouTube and podcast group Boneyard Arcade. 

Early life

She has lived in Sydney, Australia. 


She was a host on the Split Screen podcast for over two years. 

Family of Gabriella Tacchi

She began dating Josh Florence in 2014.

Close associates of Gabriella Tacchi

She and April Gloria have both cosplayed as Power Girl. 

Lorena Miki

About Lorena Miki

Cosplayer and journalist who has built a loyal following online for her cosplays of characters like Sailor Moon and The Green Ranger. She is also known to many for her appearances as a panelist on the La Red show Intrusos, as a judge on the TV show Bienvenidos and as a live reporter for Chilevision s CQC. 

Early life

She grew up in Chile.


She documents her travels to various conventions and media events on her YouTube channel, Lorena Miki. 

Family of Lorena Miki

Her real name was Lorena Gonzalez, but she had it legally changed to Lorena de la Rosa. She frequently posts photos with her mother on Instagram.  

Close associates of Lorena Miki

She got the chance to meet the original Green Ranger himself, Jason David Frank, at Comic Con in Argentina. 

Lola Zieta

About Lola Zieta

Cosplayer who is known for her cartoon, superhero, and anime inspired cosplay outfits that she both designs and models. She is also known for sharing both traveling and modeling content to her Instagram as well and has over 420,000 followers. 

Early life

She first began sharing her cosplay and modeling content to Instagram in September of 2014. 


She was featured in an article in FHM Indonesia Magazine. She is also known for selling photo books, posters, and prints of her modeling content at the different events she attends. 

Family of Lola Zieta

She was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. She posted a picture with her mom to Instagram in March of 2018. 

Close associates of Lola Zieta

Other cosplay stars from Indonesia known for traveling to the same events and conventions include KameAam and Ola Aphrodite. 

Jacqueline M. Fiallo

About Jacqueline M. Fiallo

Cosplayer who is known for sharing a range of unique outfits inspired by superheroes and anime characters with her over 40,000 Instagram followers. She is also a fitness model and shares short video clips of her working out and demonstrating different exercise techniques. 

Early life

She first began sharing her cosplay driven content to Instagram in June of 2012. 


She is known for having earned sponsorship from LootCrate which offers a monthly delivery service of different packages of clothing and other items. She has also earned representation from Reel Nutrition and Get Fit and Thick. 

Family of Jacqueline M. Fiallo

She posted a picture on national sibling day with her sister to Instagram in April of 2018. 

Close associates of Jacqueline M. Fiallo

Other social media stars known for also having earned representation from LootCrate include Kleetho, Dillon Baheri, and Haley Schmidt.