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Lynette Fromme

About Lynette Fromme

California-born woman known for her failed 1975 assassination attempt on U.S. President Gerald Ford. She was a member of the infamous Manson family.

Early life

She was a member of the the dance group The Westchester Lariats, who performed on The Lawrence Welk Show.


She was released on parole in August 2009.

Family of Lynette Fromme

Her father, William, was an aeronautical engineer.

Close associates of Lynette Fromme

She was the perpetrator of one of two assassination attempts on President Gerald Ford which occurred within three weeks of each other.

Lena Baker

About Lena Baker

African American, Georgia-born housemaid who was charged with capital murder and executed for shooting her white boss, Ernest Knight.

Early life

She claimed that she shot Knight after he promised to fire at her if she threatened to leave his service.


She was convicted by an all-male and all-white jury, and she became the first woman in Georgia s history to face the electric chair.

Family of Lena Baker

She attempted to support her family of three children by being a maid.

Close associates of Lena Baker

She was portrayed by Tichina Arnold in the 2008 film Hope & Redemption: The Lena Baker Story.

Lizzie Borden

About Lizzie Borden

Rich murder suspect who allegedly gave her stepmother 40 whacks.

Early life

She taught Sunday school to young children and was very involved in the Central Congregational Church.


The deaths of both her parents by hatchet left her in some trouble. Although she was eventually acquitted, and no one else was arrested or tried.

Family of Lizzie Borden

Her father Andrew Jackson Borden married Abby Durfee Gray after his wife Sarah died.

Close associates of Lizzie Borden

Her trial has been compared to O.J. Simpson in terms of the amount of attention it received at the time.

Gertrude Baniszewski

About Gertrude Baniszewski

Indiana woman who, with the assistance of her own children and children in her neighborhood, oversaw the torture and murder of teenage girl Sylvia Likens in 1965. She was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison for her crimes, though she was parolled after 14 years.

Early life

She was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and dropped out of high school at age 16 to marry her first husband.


After being released from prison, she went by the alias Nadine Van Fossan and died five years later from lung cancer.

Family of Gertrude Baniszewski

She had six children with John Baniszewski Sr., to whom she was married from 1945 to 1955. She later got remarried to Edward Guthrie, with whom she had one child.

Close associates of Gertrude Baniszewski

She was portrayed by actress Catherine Keener in the 2007 drama An American Crime.

Jodi Arias

About Jodi Arias

Murdered Travis Alexander in 2008, claiming it happened in self defense.

Early life

She claimed she was treated poorly and abused by her parents when she was a youth.


She buried the gun she used to kill Travis Alexander in the desert after murdering him.

Family of Jodi Arias

When she finally was arrested, she was at the home of her grandparents.

Close associates of Jodi Arias

Nancy Grace covered her trial on her popular TV show on HLN.