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Kristen Ishmael

About Kristen Ishmael

Popular social media star who is best recognized for the dance and lip-sync videos she posts to her kristenishmael TikTok account. Her videos have earned her over 750,000 followers on the platform. 

Early life

She launched her TikTok account in October 2019. 


One of her most popular TikTok videos is set to the CHROMANCE song “Wrap Me In Plastic” and has received over 10 million views. 

Family of Kristen Ishmael

She has a sister named Lauren and has appeared on her cousin, Addison Rae s, TikTok account. Her aunt is TikTok star Sheri Nicole. 

Close associates of Kristen Ishmael

She posted a TikTok video with her uncle, Monty Lopez, in August 2020. 

Lizzy van der Ligt

About Lizzy van der Ligt

Professional stylist and blogger behind her self-tiled blog and incredibly popular Instagram account, lizzyvdligt. She has earned more than 260,000 followers on the account. 

Early life

She first began to share her daily style to Instagram in January 2012, though she d begun blogging in 2011. 


Her blog has been featured in numerous renowned publications including Vice, Vogue, and Wonderland. 

Family of Lizzy van der Ligt

Her boyfriend, Yuki Kempees, is a singer and together they ve released a clothing line. 

Close associates of Lizzy van der Ligt

In February 2017, she posted a photo to Instagram with model Gigi Hadid on a Tommy Hilfiger shoot. 

Lola Martínez

About Lola Martínez

Snapchat and Instagram model known for sharing a unique array of fashionable modeling photos and the occasional image from her daily life. 

Early life

Her social media career began in November of 2014 when she first began posting photos to Instagram.


In March 2015, she joined Twitter with the opening tweet reading “Soooo now that I have a Twitter ? Should I make a SC? Hmmmm? Let me figure out how this Twitter situation works 1st.”

Family of Lola Martínez

Her mother is often the subject of photos on her Instagram account.

Close associates of Lola Martínez

Both she and Katya Henry are models who are popular on Instagram.

Loren Rahbe

About Loren Rahbe

Singer-songwriter and influencer who has gained 120,000 fans on TikTok with her mix of lip-sync, dance, challenge and other videos. She would earn the talent badge on the app.

Early life

She learned to play the guitar and piano. She started using in July of 2016.


She was part of the #Spotlight program from August to September of 2017. Under the name Angelina Rahbe, she released an original single called “Phonalationship” in 2016.

Family of Loren Rahbe

Her full name is Loren Nicole Rahbe and she is from Chattanooga, Tennessee. She has a younger sister and her mom s name is Jessica.

Close associates of Loren Rahbe

She was inspired to make new videos after watching a tutorial by Baby Ariel.

Jayme Dee

About Jayme Dee

Pop vocalist who released the single “Rules,” which was featured in the film series The Hunger Games.

Early life

She sang for her father s church congregation every Sunday growing up.


She released her debut EP, Broken Record, in 2013.

Family of Jayme Dee

She married JR Satery in 2012 and they welcomed a son in 2013.

Close associates of Jayme Dee

She gained YouTube fame for covering songs from several artists, including Katy Perry.

Jilly Krisztina

About Jilly Krisztina

Social media star who has gained fame for her krisztinee Instagram account. She has risen to massive for her glamorous and chic fashion modeling often coupled with lifestyle photos. 

Early life

She published her first photo to Instagram in March 2014. 


She has amassed more than 60,000 followers to her Instagram account. 

Family of Jilly Krisztina

She was originally born and raised in Hungary.

Close associates of Jilly Krisztina

She and Gianluca Ginoble have been pictured together on her Instagram account.