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Santhosh George Kulangara

About Santhosh George Kulangara

Known for a Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award-winning travel journal titled Baltic Diary, this Indian writer also became famous for hosting a television travel program called Sancharam.

Early life

After earning a college degree in filmmaking, he founded a magazine titled Labour India and opened several schools in India and the United States.


He wrote and directed a 2010 science fiction film titled Chandrayaan.

Family of Santhosh George Kulangara

He and his wife Soncy raised two children: George and Sarika. His father, V.J. George Kulangara, was a successful publisher and entrepreneur.

Close associates of Santhosh George Kulangara

A space tourism enthusiast, he was the first Indian citizen to purchase a ticket on entrepreneur Richard Branson s Virgin Galactic spaceship.

Rebekah Baldwin

About Rebekah Baldwin

Short form content creator who rose to fame showcasing tumbling and gymnastics on her rebekah.baldwin TikTok account. She has gone on to garner more than 600,000 fans on the platform.

Early life

She took first place at the state level in a 2015 gymnastics championship.


In 2018, she took home the gold at the international gymnastics summit.

Family of Rebekah Baldwin

She was born in the United States.

Close associates of Rebekah Baldwin

She made a duet with rising TikTok personality Charli D Amelio. 

Karlie Harman

About Karlie Harman

Nationally recognized as the first girl in 30 years to quarterback on an all boys tackle football team. The NFL selected her unique story out of 10,000 submissions as a finalist in the Together We Make Football Super Bowl Contest.

Early life

Before being selected by the NFL for their contest, she was already involved with VETSports, where she helps injured veterans play sports.


Proctor and Gamble chose her to be their ambassador for their always #LikeAGirl campaign. She has a jewelry business called Karlie Noelle.

Family of Karlie Harman

She was born in Denville, New Jersey.

Close associates of Karlie Harman

She appeared on The Real talk show and guest-starred on Nickelodeon s Bella and the Bulldogs, a football-related series starring Brec Bassinger.

Ínger Mendoza

About Ínger Mendoza

Famous as the ex-wife of popular Venezuelan pop singer Miguel Ignacio Mendoza, who is also known as “Nacho.” She married him in 2014 after having given birth to two of their three children.

Early life

Her ex-husband initially rose to prominence as a member of the reggaeton boy band Calle Ciega. 


Her ex-husband s second Chino & Nacho 2010 album Mi Niña Bonita has earned the RIAA Gold certification. His third 2010 album Supremo peaked at #1 on the US Latin charts. 

Family of Ínger Mendoza

Her third child with her ex-husband was born in June 2016. 

Close associates of Ínger Mendoza

Her ex-husband collaborated with pop singer Fanny Lu on his Supremo album.  

Helena Christensen

About Helena Christensen

Model whose career spanned more than three decades. She also worked as Creative Director for Nylon magazine.

Early life

She was crowned Miss Denmark 1986.


She launched a clothing line called Christensen & Sigersen with her friend.

Family of Helena Christensen

She was in a relationship with actor Norman Reedus for five years and the couple had a son named Mingus together.

Close associates of Helena Christensen

She had planned to visit her friend Heath Ledger on the day that he died.

Jeannie Hsieh

About Jeannie Hsieh

Pop music performer whose 2013 “Sister” music video was seen more than 33 million times on her official YouTube channel. Her music combined the genres of techno and hip-hop.

Early life

In 2007, she was nominated for a Golden Melody Award.


She announced a hiatus from show business in 2016. 

Family of Jeannie Hsieh

Her father Chu Ke-liang passed away in 2017.

Close associates of Jeannie Hsieh

Both she and fellow pop singer Tzuyu were born in Taiwan.