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Gabriela Serpa

About Gabriela Serpa

Dancer, singer, actress and model with 1 million followers on Instagram. She s a dancer on the show La Banda del Chino, and a comedic actress on the sketch show El Wasap De JB. 

Early life

She trained at the D1 Cultural Association while studying Classical and Contemporary Dance at the National University of San Marco. She graduated in 2011. 


She was an actress on Aldo Miyashiro s show La Batería before it was cancelled in 2017.  

Family of Gabriela Serpa

She has two sisters named Brenda and Claudia who are also models.

Close associates of Gabriela Serpa

In July 2018, she played singer Luis Miguel in a sketch alongside comedian Canchita Centeno. 

Kim Goldman

About Kim Goldman

Victim s advocate who rose to prominence after her brother, Ron Goldman, was slain in 1994, which was prosecuted in the OJ Simpson murder trial. She has contributed and authored various books involving the case, including 2015 s Media Circus: A Look at Private Tragedy in the Public Eye.

Early life

She had been studying child psychology prior to her brother s murder. She contributed to her first book, the New York Times best-seller His Name is Ron: Our Search for Justice, in 1998.


She has appeared on various TV newsmagazine programs, including FOX News and MSNBC. She has also run her own podcast called Broadscast.

Family of Kim Goldman

She grew up alongside her brother Ron and father Fred. Her mother is Sharon Rufo.

Close associates of Kim Goldman

Her brother Ron Goldman had been working as a waiter and actor prior to his slaying in 1994.

Eric van Tok

About Eric van Tok

Dutch content creator with more than 20,000 subscribers on his main channel, EricosVlogs. He s best known for his vlogs, challenge videos, collaborations and LGBT discussions.

Early life

He began vlogging in English on his Ericos YouTube channel in 2007; but would later move to his EricosVlogs channel in 2009.


One of his most popular videos, “Ben jij homo?!,” has more than 700,000 views, and involves him discussing coming out of the closet to his viewers. He was awarded a Twitter Award for “Most Authentic” in 2011 and 2012.

Family of Eric van Tok

He was born and raised in Gouda, Netherlands. Gouda, Netherlands. He began living with his boyfriend Bas in Zaandam in 2018.

Close associates of Eric van Tok

One of his most popular videos on his main channel “TROUWEN, SEKS of VERMOORDEN?!” features fellow vlogger Diana Leeflang.

Marina Sotelo

About Marina Sotelo

Social media influencer who has gained fame for her maarinasotelo Instagram account. She has earned massive for her casual chic fashion modeling often alongside lifestyle photoblogging. She also co-hosts Multimedios variety show Acábatelo. 

Early life

She began her Instagram account with her first post in 2015. 


She has amassed more than 310,000 Instagram followers. She attended the 2015 and 2016 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Mexico. 

Family of Marina Sotelo

She has one brother named Alex Sotelo. 

Close associates of Marina Sotelo

She and Michael Ronda were pictured together at the 2016 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. 

Marina Satti

About Marina Satti

Greek singer who originally made a name for herself as a stage actress, performing in such musicals as Sugartown, Little Shop of Horrors and Jesus Christ Superstar. She has since come to be known for songs like “Mugs,” “Fortune Teller” and “Nifada.”

Early life

She was raised in Heraklion, Greece. She grew up studying classical piano and singing in a children s choir. 


She appeared on the television series G4 and Steps in 2008.

Family of Marina Satti

Her parents are of Greek and Sudanese descent.

Close associates of Marina Satti

She has performed live with singer Laura Pergolizzi.

Jess Underhill

About Jess Underhill

Running coach and writer who created the online run coaching service Race Pace Wellness. She also writes articles about nutrition and gives general advice for runners looking to meet their goals on her blog, Race Pace Jess. 

Early life

She dedicated herself to running after experiencing her first runner s high at age 13.


She has penned articles for Women s Running magazine. 

Family of Jess Underhill

She has been married. 

Close associates of Jess Underhill

She has expressed great admiration for American runner Emma Coburn.