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Matthew Walden

About Matthew Walden

Recording artist and Vine musician who releases covers and original music on YouTube. He has an original song called “Your Voice is my Home.”

Early life

He started taking piano lessons before he turned 10 years old and taught himself how to play the guitar.


He went to college to study computer sciences and potentially minor in business.

Family of Matthew Walden

He was born in Bradenton, Florida to Kimberly Thomas and James Walden and has a brother named Christopher.

Close associates of Matthew Walden

He started dating Vine superstar Alexia Raye in 2014.

Alan Sandoval

About Alan Sandoval

Model, actor and creator also known as Saib Alan who has become known for his lip-sync, comedy and other types of videos on TikTok. He has earned the popular creator verification check mark as well as more than 6 million followers.

Early life

He began posting to his Saib_alan Instagram account in late 2018.


He earned representation with Midas Production. He was a personality at Kids Choice Awards Mexico.

Family of Alan Sandoval

He is from Mexico.

Close associates of Alan Sandoval

He has collaborated with fellow Midas Production client Caín Guzmán.

Malia Carter

About Malia Carter

Social media celebrity, singer and makeup enthusiast who picked up 60,000 fans on TikTok thanks to her clever music and comedy clips. She also created a YouTube channel where she posts cover songs, vlogs and beauty tutorials.

Early life

She started singing at the age of 12. She uploaded an original song to YouTube titled “Fly My Beautiful Butterfly” in May 2013.


In August 2017, she made the YouTube video GRWM: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL MAKEUP NATURAL BEAT.

Family of Malia Carter

She is African-American and Filipino. She has a sister named Renee and a brother named Rico. 

Close associates of Malia Carter

She recorded a cover version of Kanye West s “Only One” in October 2015.

Isadora Senna

About Isadora Senna

Instagram star and lawyer who is known for her isadorasenna account where she posts fitness, lifestyle, and beauty related content. Her photos often feature her modeling on different beaches and other tropical locations throughout Brazil. She shares her photos with her over 800,000 Instagram followers. 

Early life

She first began sharing lifestyle and modeling content to her Instagram in May of 2012. 


She has earned representation as a content creator for Bella Makeup. She can also be seen traveling to a wide range of beaches and locations throughout Brazil including Jericoacoara, Sao Luis, and Tiangua. In December 2020, she put together a solidarity campaign.

Family of Isadora Senna

She was born and raised in Vicosa, Brazil. She lives in São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil. She is in a relationship with Renan Gasparini.

Close associates of Isadora Senna

Other Brazilian social media stars who focus on lifestyle content include Daniella Rodrigues, Lara Maria, and Sophia Castro. 

Karol Fernández

About Karol Fernández

Fitness model and nutrition coach who is best recognized for providing exercises and workout routines. She is also a chef and shares healthy recipes through her Instagram as well for her over 600,000 followers. 

Early life

She first started sharing modeling based content through her Instagram in February of 2016.  


She is also known for her work as an ambassador and model for the PandaFit company. 

Family of Karol Fernández

She was born and raised in Colombia. 

Close associates of Karol Fernández

Other Colombian fitness models also known for sharing their workout and exercise content through Instagram include Laura Restrepo and Tatiana Ussa Girardi. 

Jaime Rodríguez Calderón

About Jaime Rodríguez Calderón

Mexican politician who is best recognized for being the Governor of the northern state of Nuevo León. He is known for being the first independent candidate to have won a governorship in Mexico and is also known for being a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party. 

Early life

He majored in Agricultural Engineering from the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon where he graduated in 1982. Upon graduating, he joined the Institutional Revolutionary Party and worked for Governor Martinez Dominguez. As a member, he served as a federal deputy in 1992 and a local MP in 1997. He was first elected governor of Nuevo Leon in October of 2015. 


He is recognized for having vowed to not spend a single peso on press or media coverage during his presidential campaign. 

Family of Jaime Rodríguez Calderón

He was born and raised in Ejido Pablillo, Galeana, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. He married Adalina Davalos Martinez in 2006. He has six children. 

Close associates of Jaime Rodríguez Calderón

During the 2018 Presidential Campaign, he ran against Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador but recognized his victory hours after the polls closed.