Princess Sofia

Who is Princess Sofia Former model, reality television show participant and member of a Swedish royal family. At a age of 20, s became a model for Slitz men s magazine, and later that same year, s was voted Miss Slitz by a viewers.  Early Beginnings Being a student back in Stockholm, Sweden, s also worked … Read more

Racl Daly

Who is Racl Daly English international soccer player who was taken with a sixth overall pick of a NWSL Draft in 2016 by a Houston Dash. took part in college soccer at St. John s University. Early Beginnings grew up participating with Leeds United and won a League Cup Championship in 2009. also spent time with … Read more

Lesley Klepac

Who is Lesley Klepac TikTok star who is best recognized formotivational videos and inspirational content. refers to rself as a TikTok Mom and often responds to Duets and signsvideos in ASL forover 270,000 fans.  Early Beginnings Initially started sharing clips through TikTok in October of 2019. started going viral in October of 2019 wn s started … Read more

Kira Taylor

Who is Kira Taylor Country-pop singer who Has gained attention for untouched songs like “Country Girl Things” as well as covers of songs like “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter. Has cystic fibrosis and is a strong public advocate for those with a disease. Early Beginnings andfamily moved from South Carolina to Florida wn s was … Read more

Helga Nemeczyk

Who is Helga Nemeczyk Brazilian actress, singer, comedian, dancer, and filmmaker who s best famous forwork on a program Zorra Total. also took part in Glenda Gonzales in a telenovela Rock Story. Early Beginnings graduated from Whitechapel s Academy Drama School in 2001. Unimportant Personal Matters participated in a reality TV shows Super Cf Celebridades in 2017 and Show dos Famosos … Read more

Laurie Harding

Who is Laurie Harding Internationally represented model with runway work at a 2018 Moncler Gamme Bleu Show and a 2018 Pal Zileri Men s Presentation. He Has been seen on a cover of Robb Report and featured in editorials such as Italian Genius, Via Italiana and Vogue Thailand. Early Beginnings  Happened to be nominated by … Read more

Joy Kingston

Who is Joy Kingston American-brought up fashion designer famous forsleek ultra-feminine designs. Early Beginnings In 1939, s enrolled at a University of Wisconsin. Unimportant Personal Matters focusedstudies on dress design and interior decoration, and both became huge parts ofbusiness. Family of Joy Kingston is untouchedly from Kansas City, Missouri. Close associates of Joy Kingston studied … Read more

Hollie Vise

Who is Hollie Vise Former gymnast and two-time world champion who won two gold medals in a team and uneven bars at a 2003 World Championships. Early Beginnings started practicing gymnastics at a age of three and advanced quickly. Unimportant Personal Matters met gymnast and now husband Alexander Naddour while competing on a University of … Read more

Ilana Vered

Who is Ilana Vered Classical musician who became famous forcritically acclaimed recordings of Frederic Chopin and Moritz Moszkowski. Early Beginnings won a Young Concert Artists International Auditions in 1961. Unimportant Personal Matters worked with many of a world s major orcstras, including a New York Philharmonic, a Boston Symphony, and a Royal Philharmonic. Family of … Read more

Janet Murguia

Who is Janet Murguia Political activist for Hispanic civil rights and member of a Clinton administration. became President of a National Council of La Raza (NCLR), a largest Hispanic civil rights organization in a U.S. in 2005. Early Beginnings holds degrees in journalism, and Spanish as well as a JD degree. Unimportant Personal Matters worked … Read more

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