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Baris Aytac

About Baris Aytac

Turkish television star who has appeared as a regular in the popular series Kalp Atisi and Altin Tepsi. His on-screen fame helped boost his social media presence which has grown to over 190,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Early life

His first credited TV role was in 2013 s Aramizda Kalsin.


He s posted multiple photos of himself with a guitar on Instagram.

Family of Baris Aytac

He was born and raised in Turkey. 

Close associates of Baris Aytac

He shared a picture next to actor Ahmet Kayakesen on Instagram in October 2018. 

Janice Robinson

About Janice Robinson

Pop singer known for her time with the group Livin Joy, with whom she sang the hit single “Dreamer.” After splitting from the group, she released the album The Color Within Me.

Early life

She was the original singer for Livin Joy, which was founded by Paolo and Gianni Visnadi. She left the group in 1996.


She appeared as herself in a second season episode of the series Charmed.

Family of Janice Robinson

She was raised by Baptist preachers in a largely Polish and Italian neighborhood. She has two daughters.

Close associates of Janice Robinson

She opened for Tina Turner during Turner s Twenty Four Seven Tour.

Mara Luiza

About Mara Luiza

Brazilian social media star who is famous for her MoonKase YouTube channel. She has gained massive there for her Minecraft playthroughs, streams, and Let s Plays alongside her comedic and lively commentary. 

Early life

She began her YouTube channel in January 2012. 


She has seen her YouTube channel amass more than 7 million subscribers for her gaming playthroughs. Some of her most popular videos there have included “ANIMAÇÃO VS. ANIMADOR III” and “CAIMOS DENTRO DE UMA PRIVADA GIGANTE!!.” 

Family of Mara Luiza

She was originally born and raised in Pernambuco, Brazil. 

Close associates of Mara Luiza

She and yferreira162 are both famous Brazilian YouTube stars known for their Minecraft playthroughs. 

Hope Powell

About Hope Powell

Former English midfielder who played for the English women s national team from 1983 to 1998 and went on to manage the team as well as Great Britain s Olympic team.

Early life

She studied at Brunel University in London.


She played professionally for the Millwall Lionesses, Friends of Fulham, Millwall Lionesses, and Croydon.

Family of Hope Powell

She grew up with her family in Lewisham, England.

Close associates of Hope Powell

Said she admires the game of English great David Beckham.

Gaby Meza

About Gaby Meza

YouTube star who is widely known for her Fuera de Foco channel. She has gained there for her film discussions and reviews, as well as interviews with celebrities as a member of press junket tours.

Early life

She began her YouTube channel on May 17, 2011.


She has amassed more than 900,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel.

Family of Gaby Meza

She has featured her mother on her YouTube channel.

Close associates of Gaby Meza

She interviewed Jack Black during his press tour promoting his 2016 film Kung Fu Panda 3.

Jasmin Hamid

About Jasmin Hamid

Malaysian television actress who has appeared in over 200 productions ranging from drama to comedy. She is best recognized for her role in the 1997 television film Instant Millionaire.

Early life

Her career in television began when she became a finalist on the competition series Young Goddess.


She was the recipient of the Best Actress award at the 1997 Screen Awards.

Family of Jasmin Hamid

She is from Malaysia.

Close associates of Jasmin Hamid

She was cast in My Husband, Mr Perfect 10 alongside Aaron Aziz in 2015.