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Regina Benjamin

About Regina Benjamin

Doctor who, in 2009, was appointed as the United States eighteenth Surgeon General. She had previously served in the Commissioned Corps of the United States Public Health Service.

Early life

She attended New Orleans Xavier University, the Morehouse School of Medicine, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


After opening a medical practice in Alabama, she returned to school (Tulane University) to earn an MBA degree. Her business expertise enabled her to transform her medical practice into the Bayou La Batre Rural Health Clinic, an organization serving eastern Alabama s underprivileged.

Family of Regina Benjamin

After becoming Surgeon General, she spoke in favor of widespread healthcare reform, citing her brother s death from HIV, her mother s death from lung cancer, and her father s passing as the result of diabetes as examples of the healthcare system s failure to prevent and treat common diseases.

Close associates of Regina Benjamin

She served as Surgeon General under the presidential administration of Barack Obama.

Devi Shetty

About Devi Shetty

Indian cardiac surgeon and healthcare reformer who founded the low-cost Narayana Hrudayalaya hospital for major heart surgery.

Early life

He decided he wanted to become a cardiac surgeon when he was ten years old and went on to study at Mangalore s Kasturba Medical College as well as at Guy s Hospital in the United Kingdom.


He collaborated with government leaders in Karnataka, India, to design a health insurance plan called Yeshasvini. The plan quickly grew to cover four million people and provided the least expensive, comprehensive medical coverage in the world.

Family of Devi Shetty

He was born in the village of Kinnigoli, Karnataka, India, and grew up as the second-youngest of nine children.

Close associates of Devi Shetty

He and Indian scientist Kumar Bhattacharyya were both recipients of the Padma Bhushan, a prestigious Indian honor.

Kip Thorstenson

About Kip Thorstenson

Physical therapist who s gained a strong following on Instagram with his Teach By Example account. He posts popular exercise demonstration videos alongside informational photos and very detailed explanations of the muscles being worked and instructions about how to perform appropriate exercises and stretches.

Early life

He achieved his doctorate in physical therapy from the University of North Dakota s School of Medicine and Health Sciences in 2015.


He s been an independent PT specialist who consults with various doctors and medical groups as opposed to joining a practice or a hospital.  

Family of Kip Thorstenson

He s engaged to Mackenzie Carlson.

Close associates of Kip Thorstenson

Hunter Cook is another fitness instructor who s worked as a physical therapist.

Lillian Wald

About Lillian Wald

Pioneer of public health nursing who became a prominent activist for the rights of women and minorities.

Early life

Seeing a need for medical care in New York s largely Jewish immigrant tenements, she began a foundation to help not only them, but impoverished people everywhere.


She co-founded the Henry Street Settlement in New York, providing public services like health care, banking, and vocational training.

Family of Lillian Wald

She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio to a middle class German-Jewish family.

Close associates of Lillian Wald

Alice Paul, her contemporary, campaigned for women s suffrage.

Gabi Hollows

About Gabi Hollows

Together with husband Fred Hollows, she helped to improve the lives of Australia s aboriginals.

Early life

She studied disorders of the eye and associated vision problems.


She was declared one of Australia s 100 Living Treasures for her work in treating eye disorders of indigenous Australians.

Family of Gabi Hollows

She met her husband, Fred Hollows, during her training as a doctor.

Close associates of Gabi Hollows

Actor Russel Crowe is another one of Australia s 100 Living Treasures.