Delilah Jacobs

Who is Delilah Jacobs Social star who is best famous foritsswaavy Dubsmash account, wre s posts dance videos for over 100,000 followers. often utilizes a split-screen effect to post two different performances ofdance routine alongside each otr.  Early Beginnings Initially began to seesocial media take off in mid-2020.  Unimportant Personal Matters is active on Instagram, posting … Read more


Who is Jaygocrazy.16 Social media star who became popular via his Dubsmash videos.  He s accumulated over 25 million views on Dubsmash with videos featuring dance moves and lip synching.  Early Beginnings He s lived in Alabama.  Unimportant Personal Matters He s been sponsored by fashion companies Federal Clothing and Future Astronaut.  His unique style Has … Read more

Leylah Miranda

Who is Leylah Miranda Child model who shows off a variety of fashion styles onpopular Instagram account.  later grew viadances on Dubsmash, wre s surpassed 200,000 followers and 35 million views by September of 2020. Early Beginnings grew up in Chicago, Illinois. Unimportant Personal Matters Her Instagram account currently Has more than 350,000 followers. Family … Read more


Who is Bhabicurlz Verified Dubsmash creator recognized as Aaliyah Jarmon but better known as bhabicurlz. s Has over 100,000 followers andvideos have been viewed over 15 million times on Dubmash. Early Beginnings Her first social media account was, which later became TikTok. began posting to a app in 2016 and went on to earn … Read more

Chris Cotter

Tue, 06 Apr 2021 14:12:56 +0000 by chito   Who is Chris Cotter Popular social media star who is best famous for his envyxchrvs Dubsmash account, wre primarily posts dance videos. He Has gained over 250,000 followers on a platform.  Early Beginnings In 2019, posted his first dancing Dubsmash video set to t Miley Cyrus song “23.” … Read more

Mimi Bao

Who is Mimi Bao Popular Dubsmash creator who posts dance routines tomimi.loading account, which Has gained over 70,000 followers. primarily uses rap songs forroutines and often records a videos inbedroom.  Early Beginnings In January 2020, s madefirst post tomimi.loading Instagram account, which was a dance video untouchedly created on Dubsmash. graduated from middle school in … Read more

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