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Saahil Arora

About Saahil Arora

Offlaner for the professional gaming team Evil Geniuses beginning in September of 2013 who is accomplished in the game DotA 2. He is also known by the name UNiVeRsE.

Early life

He played with the team Online Kingdom for a few months in 2011 and also previously played with Quantic Gaming and Team Dignitas.


As of 2015, the $2,000,000 plus earnings he made as an eSport player ranked him only behind Peter Dager for total earnings.

Family of Saahil Arora

He is from Madison, Wisconsin.

Close associates of Saahil Arora

He and Artour Babaev were both members of the Evil Geniuses in 2015.

Samson Jackson

About Samson Jackson

Professional League of Legends top laner who is widely known by his Lourlo gamertag. He has gained gaming for the world-renowned Team Liquid.

Early life

He began his professional League of Legends career in September 2014 as a member of Team Storm.


He signed with Team Liquid in January 2016 after 9 months with Team CLG Black. He subsequently earned a 3rd place finish at the April 2016 NA LCS Spring Playoffs as a member of Team Liquid.

Family of Samson Jackson

He was born and raised in Illinois.

Close associates of Samson Jackson

He has gamed alongside Chae Gwang-jin as his teammate on Team Liquid.

Lane Roberts

About Lane Roberts

Gamer name Surefour, he is a professional Overwatch player who was picked up by the Los Angeles Gladiators after spending almost two years with Cloud9.

Early life

His first gaming tournaments were for the video games Titanfall and Dirtybomb.


He streamed live on Twitch for more than 360,000 followers.

Family of Lane Roberts

He is from Alberta, Canada.

Close associates of Lane Roberts

He and Lucas Håkansson have both played Overwatch professionally with Cloud9.

Gabriel Toledo

About Gabriel Toledo

Professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who is widely known by his FalleN gamertag. He s been a member of Luminosity Gaming. He was nominated by MyCNB as one of the ten most influential Brazilian eSports players of 2015.

Early life

He began his professional gaming career playing both Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike: Source. He began his Counter-Strike: Global Offensive playing career in February 2013.


In April 2016, he finished in 1st place at the CS:GO MLG Major Championship: Columbus tournament. He has owned the Brazilian eSports organization Games Academy.

Family of Gabriel Toledo

He was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has a brother named Marcelo. 

Close associates of Gabriel Toledo

He and Jacob Mourujarvi have both played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for Luminosity Gaming.

Jacky Mao

About Jacky Mao

Professional Dota 2 player who has gained renown for playing under the gamertag EternaLEnVy. He has gained for his time as a carry and support player for the teams Cloud9 and Team Secret. His Twitch stream has accumulated over 240,000 followers.

Early life

He began his Dota 2 professional gaming career in September 2012 as a member of Team No Tidehunter. He played as both the team s support and captain.


He won his first Dota 2 MLG Championship in November 2013 at Columbus as a member of Speed Gaming. In March 2016, he finished in 1st place at The Shanghai Major Premier tournament.

Family of Jacky Mao

He was born and raised in Canada.

Close associates of Jacky Mao

He has played alongside Artour Babaev as a member of Team Secret.

Kris Aldenderfer

About Kris Aldenderfer

Prolific Super Smash Bros. gamer who is widely known by his Toph gamertag. He rounded out 2015 at #97 on the SSBMRank of top Melee players in the world.

Early life

He participated in his first professional Super Smash Bros tournament in November 2008. He played at that year s CAST4 tournament.


He finished 2015 ranked #7 on the NorCal Melee Power Rankings. He began working as both a Super Smash Bros gamer representative and software engineer for Twitch in September 2015.

Family of Kris Aldenderfer

He was born in Singapore.

Close associates of Kris Aldenderfer

He has co-hosted both the Melee It On Me podcast and the Toph and Scar Show with fellow Smasher Bobby Scarnewman.