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Gretel Ehrlich

About Gretel Ehrlich

An American travel writer, poet, and essayist, she is best known for Islands, The Universe, Home (essays), Heart Mountain (novel) and This Cold Heaven: Seven Seasons in Greenland (essays). Her 1994 memoir, A Match to the Heart, describes her experience of being struck by lightning.

Early life

She studied at Bennington College and the University of California-Los Angeles and began a full-time career as a writer in 1978.


Her literary works are notable for their personal presentation of facts about the physical world.

Family of Gretel Ehrlich

She grew up in Santa Barbara, California. She later married Thomas Kearns.

Close associates of Gretel Ehrlich

She and Joseph Hilbe both studied at the University of California-Los Angeles.

Catharine Trotter Cockburn

About Catharine Trotter Cockburn

An English author known for her philosophical essays, she is most famous for her debut publication, A Defence of Mr. Lock s. Her other works include Fatal Friendship: A Tragedy and Agnes de Castro.

Early life

She was an avid reader and published a few amateur pieces in her adolescent years. She published her first novel when she was just fourteen years old.


She published her philosophical work, A Defence of Mr. Lock s, when she was just twenty-three years old.

Family of Catharine Trotter Cockburn

Her father died of the plague when she was four years old.

Close associates of Catharine Trotter Cockburn

She was praised by the famous writer John Locke.

Eve Peyser

About Eve Peyser

Writer and twitter star whose work has been featured in New York Times, The Washington Post, New York Magazine and Rolling Stone. 

Early life

She studied creative writing at Oberlin College. 


She began working as a political writer at Vice in 2017.

Family of Eve Peyser

She has a sister, Nell. She began dating Hudson Hongo in 2016. 

Close associates of Eve Peyser

She became known in 2015 when she matched with Martin Shkreli on Tinder. She tweeted their conversation, and the post went viral. 

Fran Lebowitz

About Fran Lebowitz

An American speaker, author, and social commentator, she is known for essay collections such as Metropolitan Life, Social Studies, and The Fran Lebowitz Reader. Her other works include Progress and Exterior Signs of Wealth.

Early life

She was forced to leave high school and was subsequently hired by artist Andy Warhol to work as a columnist for Interview. She went on to write for Mademoiselle.


She played the role of Judge Janice Goldberg on the popular television drama, Law & Order.

Family of Fran Lebowitz

She grew up in New Jersey in a conservative Jewish family. She began smoking at a young age and later became an advocate for the rights of smokers.

Close associates of Fran Lebowitz

She was featured in the Martin Scorsese documentary, Public Speaking.