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Samuel De Champlain

About Samuel De Champlain

Famous fifteenth-century French explorer who founded New France and Quebec City in July 1608.

Early life

He began learning how to navigate, create nautical maps, charts and reports at an early age.


He founded New France and Quebec City in 1608.

Family of Samuel De Champlain

He married Helene Boulle, specifically with the idea of advancing his status in the royal court. He had three daughters named Hope, Charity, and Faith de Champlain.

Close associates of Samuel De Champlain

Another famous French explorer like him is Jacques Cartier.

Kira Salak

About Kira Salak

Reputed National Geographic journalist who wrote travelogues about New Guinea.

Early life

She earned a Ph.D. in English, specializing in travel writing.


In the middle of graduate school, she decided to spend a year backpacking around Papua New Guinea, which became the basis of her first book.

Family of Kira Salak

Her parents sent her off to boarding school when she was 14, which may have instilled in her the streak of self-reliance that characterizes her life path.

Close associates of Kira Salak

David Livingstone, who was among the first Europeans to explore Africa, also published popular travelogues.

Isabelle Eberhardt

About Isabelle Eberhardt

Swiss explorer and writer who spent a lot of time in North Africa and was known for rejecting European morality and going her own path and that of Islam.

Early life

She started dressing as a man at a young age because of the freedom it gave her and she learned to speak multiple languages including French, Russian and German.


She wrote about her travels in books and French newspapers including Les journaliers.

Family of Isabelle Eberhardt

She was born to a Lutheran Baltic German mother and and Armenian father.

Close associates of Isabelle Eberhardt

Peter O Toole starred in a film about her called Isabelle Eberhardt in 1991.

Jan van Riebeeck

About Jan van Riebeeck

Dutch founder of Cape Town, South Africa in the year 1652.

Early life

He served as an assistant surgeon while working as a member of the Dutch East India Company.


A statue of Riebeeck and his wife was erected in Cape Town.

Family of Jan van Riebeeck

He married Maria de la Quellerie in March 1649.

Close associates of Jan van Riebeeck

He was an explorer just like Christopher Columbus.

Francis Drake

About Francis Drake

Sea captain and slaver who commanded the English fleet against the Spanish Armada under Elizabeth I of England in 1588.

Early life

He made his first sea voyage to the New World when he was 23.


He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth on April 4, 1581.

Family of Francis Drake

He married Mary Newman in 1569, and she died shortly after. At the time of his own death, he was married to Elizabeth Sydenham.

Close associates of Francis Drake

He was sent by Elizabeth I to make expeditions on several occasions.

James Cook

About James Cook

British explorer who mapped the South Pacific, including Australia s eastern coastline and Hawaii. He also completed the first recorded expedition around New Zealand.

Early life

He spent three years in a merchant navy apprenticeship, studying mathematics and astronomy.


His life ended when he attempted his second voyage to Hawaii.

Family of James Cook

He married his mentor s daughter, Elizabeth Batts, in 1762 and he had six children.

Close associates of James Cook

William Penn s father was also a member of the Royal Navy.