Adriano de Souza

Who is Adriano de Souza Occupational surfer nickrecognized as “Mineirinho” who was crowned as a men s World Surf League Surfing World Champion in 2015. Initially entered a top 10 on a ASP World Tour in 2008, remaining tre for several years. Early Beginnings He grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil and began surfing at age 8. … Read more

Natalia Cestti

Who is Natalia Cestti Social media star who gained for a TikTok series wre s lpsfollowers find out if the friends are real, by DMing tm. Has gained over 320,000 followers on r nataliacestti TikTok account.  Early Beginnings launcdTikTok account in December 2015. Before finding fame on TikTok, s posted on YouTube.  Unimportant Personal Matters One ofmost … Read more

Lindsay Greene

Who is Lindsay Greene TikTok creator and self-proclaimed experienced eater with 650,000 followers on TikTok and 340,000 Instagram followers. Her video on baked feta cese mac and cese Has gained over 10 million views on TikTok.  Early Beginnings Before TikTok took off, s was a food blogger for Atlanta Eats TV andown blog Hunger Diaries. That was … Read more

Regina Rose

Who is Regina Rose Short form comedy content creator and TikTok prankster who is recognized for sharing videos on r lordregina account. Her practical jokes boostedamass more than 1.8 million fans on a platform. Early Beginnings dropped a phone in water in a February 2020 TikTok. Unimportant Personal Matters Many ofvideos have been filmed in a Walmart … Read more

Lia Neal

Who is Lia Neal American swimmer specializing in a freestyle event who took home a bronze medal in a 4×100-meter freestyle relay at a 2012 Summer Olympics,Olympic debut. won silver in a same event at a 2016 Summer Olympics. Early Beginnings Happened to be a member of a swim team at a Convent of a … Read more

Kelley Johnson

Who is Kelley Johnson Former marine and water enthusiast who became known on Bravo s reality show Below Deck. He Has worked in a yachting industry to pursue his love of water and fishing. Early Beginnings He joined a Marine Corps for four years before turning to a job in a corporate world. Unimportant Personal … Read more

Jillian Shane Pilones

Who is Jillian Shane Pilones Reality television star who is best famous for having been a housemate on a first chapter of season 8 of Pinoy Big Brotr. is also famous for having Featured on a Star Hunt Hello Outside World series during the 2019 season.  Early Beginnings Originally studying singing in school, s started profession … Read more

Jillian Lukiwski

Who is Jillian Lukiwski Photograpr who Has become renowned forwork documenting a natural beauty of a American West. Her Instagram account, TNoisyPlume, Has amassed over 60,000 followers.  Early Beginnings attended a non-denominational Christian school in New Zealand. later moved to a United States, wre s Has lived in Idaho and Washington. Unimportant Personal Matters is a … Read more

Hope Beel

Who is Hope Beel Fitness model and nutrition coach behindself-titled blog and extremely popular Instagram account. Has gained more than 1.6 million followers withsponsorships from Fitness Gurls Magazine and Ravish Sands Custom Bikinis. Early Beginnings Her fitness modeling profession began in 2013 wn s enteredfirst NPC Bikini competition. Unimportant Personal Matters Being a fitness coach … Read more

Gabriel Porras

Who is Gabriel Porras Telenovela actor who had his breakout role in El Alma Herida. His telenovela credits include Todo por amor, Madre Luna, and La Casa de al Lado. Early Beginnings He made his film debut in a 1994 film, Quimera. Unimportant Personal Matters He had his first major horror film role in a … Read more

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