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Farod Robinson

About Farod Robinson

Social media personality and YouTuber best known for posting short comedy skits and lifestyle content on his farodbb TikTok account and his Farod B YouTube channel. He has accumulated over 2.8 million views on his YouTube channel. 

Early life

He first launched his YouTube channel in April 2014.


He has gained over 2.9 million followers and 69 million likes on TikTok. One of his most popular Tiktoks, posted in April 2021, has received over 520,000 likes. 

Family of Farod Robinson

He and his girlfriend, Joedeci, met in 2019. 

Close associates of Farod Robinson

His voice was used in a December 2020 comedy skit by Itsexzale. 

Rachael Evren

About Rachael Evren

Popular content creator who is best known for the lip sync, comedy, beauty, and storytime videos she posts to her rachael_evren TikTok account. She has accumulated over 200,000 followers on the video platform. 

Early life

She has competed in beauty pageants. 


One of her most popular TikToks is a comedy skit about guys painting their nails. 

Family of Rachael Evren

Her mother has appeared on her Rachael_evren Instagram account. 

Close associates of Rachael Evren

She posted a TikTok set to the Mod Sun song “Karma” in December 2020. 

Julie Montagu

About Julie Montagu

Yoga and nutrition teacher at London s top studios who became the star of the US Bravo TV and UK ItvBe show Ladies of London. She is the author of the bestselling cookbook Superfoods and is the brains behind the online nutrition course The Flexi Foodie Academy.

Early life

She grew up in Sugar Grove, Illinois, went to the same high school as her parents, and was captain of her cheerleading squad.


She is the creator of the superfood energy snacks JUB. She started Superfood Supper Clubs and Yoga Brunches, which became sell out successes.

Family of Julie Montagu

She married Luke Montagu in 2004; he is the heir to the Earl of Sandwich, which makes Julie a Lady. She has four children.

Close associates of Julie Montagu

Caprice Bourret joined her in the cast of Ladies of London.

Marika Hackman

About Marika Hackman

Singer and multi-instrumentalist who made a splash in the English folk scene with her debut album We Slept at Last in 2014. That year, she was the recipient of the UK Blog Sound of 2014 award.

Early life

She began teaching herself to play guitar at age 12 and attended Bedales School on scholarship.


She was once played drums in a band with world-famous fashion model Cara Delevingne, who played guitar and sang.

Family of Marika Hackman

Her brother Ben produces electronic music under the pseudonym Hackman.

Close associates of Marika Hackman

She toured with English singer-songwriter Laura Marling in 2013.

Hilda Hewlett

About Hilda Hewlett

Early female pilot and founder of a successful aircraft manufacturing company in the United Kingdom.

Early life

She spent time in Egypt during her late teens and later attended nursing school before setting her sights on a career in aviation.


She and engineer Gustav Blondeau opened a flying school in England and also began manufacturing and selling airplane parts.

Family of Hilda Hewlett

Her father, Rev. George W. Herbert, was the vicar of an English church.

Close associates of Hilda Hewlett

She was a leading female aviatrix in England, very similar to her American peer Amelia Earhart .

Kayla Cromer

About Kayla Cromer

Television actress best known for her role on the Freeform network s program Everything s Gonna Be Okay. She also made an appearance on the paranormal investigative show Ghost Brothers.

Early life

She made her professional acting debut on South of Hell in 2015.


In 2019, she was interviewed by the blog site Refinery29. 

Family of Kayla Cromer

She was born in the United States. 

Close associates of Kayla Cromer

She acted as a stand-in for Mena Suvari in Apparition.