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Samuel Pepys

About Samuel Pepys

Seventeenth-century English Member of Parliament who also served as British Naval Administrator. He is best known for an historically significant diary that he kept between 1660 and 1669.

Early life

He attended Magdalene College, Cambridge and quickly rose through the administrative ranks of the British Navy.


His famous diary, published over a century after his death, details such English Restoration period events as the Great Fire of London, the Second Anglo-Dutch War, and the Great Plague of London.

Family of Samuel Pepys

He and his ten siblings were born in London. He married Elisabeth de St Michel in 1655.

Close associates of Samuel Pepys

During the reign of Charles II of England, Pepys served as Chief Secretary to the Royal Navy Admiralty.

Teri Dade

About Teri Dade

Social media star who has gained fame for her eponymous channel. She has risen in for her often costumed and filtered lip-syncs and comedic dubs. 

Early life

She started her TikTok channel in October 2015.


She has amassed more than 160,000 TikTok fans. 

Family of Teri Dade

Her husband s name is Duane.

Close associates of Teri Dade

She and Danny Blake are both popular TikTok personalities known for their costumed lip-syncs. 

Liza Emanuele

About Liza Emanuele

Fashion designer known for her affordable yet high end fashion designs. The eponymous Liza Emanuele Boutique, and accompanying brand, celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015.

Early life

She studied fashion design at the Instituto Maragoni in Milan, Italy. In 1993, after working in Italy, she moved to Australia to work for George Gross & Harry Who on the design team.


She launched her first label in 2001, calling it It Girl. In 2008, she expanded her business to include ready-to-wear bridal gown designs.

Family of Liza Emanuele

She was born and raised in Adelaide, Australia.

Close associates of Liza Emanuele

She has dressed film actress Evangeline Lilly.

Liza Hernández

About Liza Hernández

Panamanian model who was crowned Miss Hawaiian Tropic before becoming a Latin correspondent for the Los Angeles Lakers. She has been written about in a number of tabloids due to her romantic relationship with boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Early life

She took dance classes growing up and won the title of La Calle Abajo de Pedasi in 2001.


She has tried her hand at singing, performing on the Los Rabanes track “Tengo Ganas de Ti.”

Family of Liza Hernández

She was previously married to Paul McDonald, whom she wed in her twenties.

Close associates of Liza Hernández

She and Doralie Medina are both models who have been romantically linked to Floyd Mayweather.

Leila Forouhar

About Leila Forouhar

Iranian singer who has released more than twenty albums during her career, including 1997 s “Planet of Harmony”. As an actress she has appeared in films like “Four Sisters”.

Early life

She worked as a fashion model when she was a teenager.


She moved to France during Iran s war with Iraq.

Family of Leila Forouhar

Her father is actor Jahangir Forouhar.

Close associates of Leila Forouhar

She collaborated with Iranian singing legend Ebi on the 1994 album “Attal Mattal”.

Kaila Cumings

About Kaila Cumings

Instagram star, knife maker, and survivalist who appeared on Naked and Afraid. She has over 100,000 followers on her Instagram account.

Early life

She started out making knife review videos on YouTube before making her own knives.


She has taken home defense, carbine and pistol, and knife fighting classes.

Family of Kaila Cumings

She posted a photo of her and her mother to Instagram in May 2018.

Close associates of Kaila Cumings

She and Laura Zerra both appeared on Naked and Afraid.