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Hermione Lee

About Hermione Lee

Known for her writings on the lives and works of such prominent literary figures as Virginia Woolf, Eudora Welty, and Philip Roth, this British scholar taught English literature at several institutions of higher education and served as President of Oxford University s Wolfson College.

Early life

After completing undergraduate coursework at St. Hilda s College, Oxford, she earned a Master of Philosophy degree from St. Cross College, Oxford.


She wrote literary reviews for both The New York Review of Books and The Guardian and also hosted an English television program called Book Four.

Family of Hermione Lee

She grew up in London, England, as the daughter of a doctor. She later married University of Leeds Professor John Barnard.

Close associates of Hermione Lee

Her biography of American writer Willa Cather, entitled Willa Cather: A Life Saved Up, was published in 1989.

Geraldine Maillet

About Geraldine Maillet

Writer, actress, and filmmaker best known as the mind behind the 2012 film After. She also directed the 2016 documentary In the French and the short films Une dernière cigarette and Un certain regard. 

Early life

After attending business school, she abandoned her studies to begin modeling for brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen. Then, at nineteen, she made her acting debut in the show First Kisses. 


A prolific novelist as well as a filmmaker, she released her first book, Une rose pour Manhattan, in 1999. She would release more than a dozen novels over the next two decades. 

Family of Geraldine Maillet

At five years old, her father abandoned her and her mother who was a medical student at the time. 

Close associates of Geraldine Maillet

She made her acting debut in Sally Potter s original 1997 film The Tango Lesson. 

Gretchen Christopher

About Gretchen Christopher

Lead singer with the pop band The Fleetwoods who sang the 1959 single “Come Softly to Me.”

Early life

She recorded “Come Softly” after requests from her school classmates for copies of the original track.


She and The Fleetwoods released the #1 single “Mr. Blue.”

Family of Gretchen Christopher

She was born to Helen and Ian Christopher, who were both musically talented.

Close associates of Gretchen Christopher

Another Washington-born musician is Judy Collins.

Fifi Alvianto

About Fifi Alvianto

Writer who provides her thoughts on motherhood, women s fashion and graphic design on her popular self-titled blog. She has also served as the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of HijUp Magazine. 

Early life

She earned a degree in multimedia from the Bandung Institute of Technology and began blogging in 2006. 


She is the creator of the womenswear brand Casa Elana. 

Family of Fifi Alvianto

She has daughters named Aurora and Alana. 

Close associates of Fifi Alvianto

She has taken Instagram photos with Indonesian model Ketrin Agustine.

Ann Lee

About Ann Lee

Known to her followers as “Mother Ann,” this English-born woman led a prominent New York group of Shakers (also called the United Society of Believers in Christ s Second Appearing) during the late eighteenth century.

Early life

In the late 1750s, she was introduced to Shaker ideals through joining a related religious sect founded by James and Jane Wardley. In 1774, she relocated to the United States, where she attracted a devoted following and built a Shaker community.


She and her fellow Shakers were devoted to the pursuit of personal perfection through celibacy and to worship that involved dancing or “shaking.”

Family of Ann Lee

She was born in Manchester, England, to Quaker parents. Despite her aversion to intimate relations — a view supported by her Shaker faith — she was forced into marriage by her family, and she gave birth to four children, all of whom died in infancy.

Close associates of Ann Lee

She makes an appearance in writer John Fowles 1985 historical fiction work A Maggot, which focuses on the origins of the United Society of Believers in Christ s Second Appearing.

Aileen Wuornos

About Aileen Wuornos

Serial Killer claimed to have killed only those who attempted to rape her during her work as a prostitute, later sentenced to death.

Early life

She endured a rough childhood being sexually assaulted as a child.


She was featured in two documentaries, one was titled Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer.

Family of Aileen Wuornos

She had a brother.

Close associates of Aileen Wuornos

She was portrayed by Charlize Theron in the film Monster.