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Ricardo Lavolpe

About Ricardo Lavolpe

Goalkeeper who was part of the 1978 FIFA World Cup-winning Argentinian team and later became a manager and won the 2003 CONCACAF Gold Cup with Mexico.

Early life

He played youth soccer for Banfield.


In 1992-1993, he won a Primera Division Championship with Atlante.

Family of Ricardo Lavolpe

He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Close associates of Ricardo Lavolpe

Forward and midfielder Guillermo Barros Schelotto played for him on the Boca Juniors.

Sean Love

About Sean Love

Lip-sync and comedy video creator often seen posting split-screen duet collaborations with other creators. His seanxlove TikTok account has earned more than 950,000 fans. He is also a singer. 

Early life

He began using social media to promote his videos as well as his music in 2019.


As a singer, he released singles called “Move On” and “Everything.” He also released an EP titled X.O.

Family of Sean Love

He is from the United States.

Close associates of Sean Love

He once posted a split-screen duet that featured Oliver Moy and friends. 

Julienne Ipapo

About Julienne Ipapo

Popular social media star who shares quotes about mindset and motivation on her julienneipapo TikTok account. Her fans have boosted her to over 250,000 followers on the video platform. 

Early life

She launched her TikTok account in April 2020. 


She speaks about wisdom, wellness, and spirit on her Journey with Julienne podcast. 

Family of Julienne Ipapo

Her first archived TikTok video features her asking her parents if she could go to the beach with a guy she just met. 

Close associates of Julienne Ipapo

She posted a TikTok video about Matthew McConaughey s Oscar speech in March 2021. 

Karol Ka

About Karol Ka

Brazilian dance-pop singer and frequent television personality who has competed on numerous competition series, including the inaugural season of The Voice Brasil. She was featured on the second season of Idolos, and in Country Star as well.

Early life

She sang at her evangelical church beginning at the age of 7. She released a debut album called Não Pare early in her music career in 2003.


She was cast in the 2010 filmHigh School Musical: O Desafio and the show Quando Toca o Sino.

Family of Karol Ka

Her mother Eliane Borges Cândido worked in sales while her father Tarcisio César Candido was a sales manager.

Close associates of Karol Ka

She was touted by fellow Brazilian singer Valesca Popozuda.

Maude Hirst

About Maude Hirst

English actress known for playing Kat Ashley on the historical drama, The Tudors, and for playing Helga on the History Channel series Vikings.

Early life

One of Hirst s earliest roles was as Sophie in 2008 s Cash and Curry, a comedy about a crime gone wrong.


On Vikings, her character Helga is known for her romance with boat builder and trickster Floki.

Family of Maude Hirst

She is the daughter of English television producer Michael Hirst, creator of Vikings. Her sister Georgia Hirst has also acted on Vikings.

Close associates of Maude Hirst

Her Vikings co-star Donal Logue appears on the smash hit FOX show Gotham, telling the origin of the superhero Batman.

Jocelyn Burdick

About Jocelyn Burdick

Former U.S. senator who served from September to December of 1992, appointed after the death of her husband Quentin Burdick, who had been in office since 1960. In the process, she became the first woman from North Dakota to represent the state in Congress.

Early life

After graduating from Northwestern University in 1943, she moved to Minnesota to work in radio.


While raising the family, she also worked on Burdick s reelection campaigns, helping him become one of the longest tenured senators in Congress.

Family of Jocelyn Burdick

Prior to marrying in 1960, she and Burdick had both previously been married (both spouses died) and had a total of six children. They also had a child together.

Close associates of Jocelyn Burdick

She was succeeded as the U.S. senator from North Dakota by Kent Conrad.