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B Praak

About B Praak

Indian singer and music producer who launched his singing career with his single “Mann Bharrya.” He started in the Punjabi music industry and then began to make a name for himself in Bollywood. 

Early life

He began his career as a music producer.


He has accumulated over 2.3 million followers on his bpraak Instagram account. 

Family of B Praak

His mom has appeared on his Instagram account. 

Close associates of B Praak

His song has appeared the Bollywood film Good Newwz that stars Akshay Kumar. 

Irina Sharipova

About Irina Sharipova

Russian model who was crowned Miss Tatarstan 2010 and finished as the first runner-up in Miss Russia 2010. She has since walked the runway for some of the world s top fashion designers, including Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren, and participated in shows like the Victoria s Secret Fashion Show.

Early life

She grew up in Bukhara, Uzbekistan until the age of seven, when she moved in with her grandmother in Tatarstan. She has studied Fashion Design at Kazan State Technical University.


In 2013, she landed on the cover of Marie Claire, her first magazine cover.

Family of Irina Sharipova

Her mother was also a beauty queen who was crowned Miss Bukhara in 1989. She never met her father.

Close associates of Irina Sharipova

She and Alena Shishkova have both been runners-up in the Miss Russia pageant.

Marin Soljacic

About Marin Soljacic

Croatian physicist who was a pioneer of wireless energy transfer. He has also done important, government-funded, research into photonic crystals in solar cells.

Early life

He received a scholarship to MIT where he studied physics and electrical engineering.


He received a $20 million grant to do research for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Family of Marin Soljacic

He was born in Zagreb.

Close associates of Marin Soljacic

He is an electrical engineer like Bern Dibner.

Kristin Otto

About Kristin Otto

German swimmer who became the first woman to win six gold medals at a single Olympic Games in 1988 in Seoul.

Early life

She began training at the age of 10, swimming at the East German sports academy.


She was under great speculation of using performance enhancing drugs along with other East German athletes but she claimed she was never aware of being given drugs by doctors.

Family of Kristin Otto

Her mother was a physiotherapist and her father a physics professor.

Close associates of Kristin Otto

She won gold at the 1988 Olympics where American spaner Greg Louganis also took home the gold.

Josey Mowan

About Josey Mowan

French bulldog who is frequently featured on the YouTube channel Jennifer Mowan5. They have 90,000 subscribers and 18 million overall views. 

Early life

She was the first video on the YouTube channel, on July 23, 2015, in a video titled “Where Is My Binkey?” 


The channel focuses on crafts, DIYs, and budget shopping. 

Family of Josey Mowan

She has adopted dog siblings Ella and Ruby. 

Close associates of Josey Mowan

Piper LeBlanc is also a dog and a YouTube star. 

Ginny Lemon

About Ginny Lemon

Drag Queen who is best recognized for appearing on season two of RuPaul s Drag Race UK. They are the first contestant to voluntarily quit the competition. 

Early life

Their first stage name was “Lewis Spelt Backwards.”


Their stage name came from their love for Gin and their “zesty” performances. 

Family of Ginny Lemon

Their real name is Lewis Mandall.

Close associates of Ginny Lemon

They posted an Instagram photo with fellow RuPaul s Drag Race UK star THE Vivienne.