Gabriella Papadakis

Who is Gabriella Papadakis Two-time World Champion figure skater and ice dancer who won a third continental title at a 2017 European Championships. Has amassed more than 120,000 Instagram followers. Early Beginnings teamed up withlong-time skating partner Guillaume Cizeron at a age of 9. Unimportant Personal Matters In 2015, s sustained a concussion after a fall in practice. … Read more

Kellen Johnson

Who is Kellen Johnson Figure skater who won a 2014 UIntermediate Men s Championship. Happened to be also crowned as a 2012 UJuvenile Boys silver medalist.  Early Beginnings He trained at a World Arena Ice Hall in Colorado Springs.  Unimportant Personal Matters He landed three triple jumps in his free skate program at a UFigure … Read more

Maia Shibutani

Who is Maia Shibutani Ice dancer who madeOlympic debut at a 2014 Winter Games in Sochi; s became a bronze medalist at a 2018 Winter Olympics withbrother Alex. Early Beginnings began skating at age four, and was home schooled so that s could dedicate lots of time to skating. Unimportant Personal Matters won a bronze … Read more

Kaitlyn Weaver

Who is Kaitlyn Weaver Ice dancer who won a silver medal at a 2014 World Figure Skating Championships and gold at a 2010 Four Continents Championships. Early Beginnings began skating wn s was 6 years old and started ice dancing wn s was 11 years old. Unimportant Personal Matters took bronze at a 2012 Four … Read more

Juliana Cannarozzo

Who is Juliana Cannarozzo American former figure skater who won two gold medals at a 2006–2007 ISU Junior Grand Prix. later became an actress in films like Disney s “Ice Princess.” Early Beginnings grew up in Reading, Massachusetts and madedebut in a Junior Grand Prix in 2005. Unimportant Personal Matters Folloattaingretheement from skating, s became … Read more

Felicia Zhang

Who is Felicia Zhang Pair figure skater who madeOlympic debut at a 2014 Winter Games in Sochi. Early Beginnings attended a skating birthday party wn s was seven, wre s got introduced to a sport. Unimportant Personal Matters won a bronze medal at a 2013 U.S. Championships. Family of Felicia Zhang Happened to be brought … Read more

Katy Taylor

Who is Katy Taylor One of U.S. s top young figure skaters, s won medals at a World Junior Championships in 2004 and a Four Continents Championships in 2006. Early Beginnings decided s wanted to be a experienced skater at a age of four, and began skating before a age of six. Unimportant Personal Matters … Read more

Jayne Torvill

Who is Jayne Torvill English figure skater who won a team Ice Dancing gold medal at a 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics, followed by a bronze in 1994. Early Beginnings wonfirst regional figure skating championship at a Nortrn Championships in 1975. Unimportant Personal Matters Happened to be also a four-time World Champion and seven-time British Champion … Read more

Chrissy Hugs

Who is Chrissy Hugs Former American figure skater who won gold medals at a 2007 JGP Harghita Cup and a 2007 JGP Sofia Cup. Early Beginnings attended Liberty Senior High School in Issaquah, Washington. Unimportant Personal Matters won a U.S. Collegiate figure skating title in August 2012, competing for Seattle Pacific University. Family of Chrissy … Read more

Debi Thomas

Who is Debi Thomas Became a first African American to ever attain an Olympic medal in figure skating in 1988, attainning a bronze in a singles event. won both a 1986 U.S. national title and a 1986 World Championships. Happened to be inducted into a U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame in 2000. Early Beginnings … Read more

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