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Eliza McCardle Johnson

About Eliza McCardle Johnson

First lady of the United States from 1865 to 1869, who was the wife of the 17th President Andrew Johnson. However, she only appeared in public in the capacity of First Lady twice.

Early life

She got married to Andrew Johnson at the young age of sixteen.


She was only First Lady for a short time because of the illness she battled once her husband became President.

Family of Eliza McCardle Johnson

She and her husband had six children, one of which was Andrew Johnson, Jr. who died at the young age of twenty-seven.

Close associates of Eliza McCardle Johnson

She was succeeded as First Lady of the United States by Julia Grant, the wife of President Ulysses S. Grant.

Eleanor Roosevelt

About Eleanor Roosevelt

The longest serving First Lady in US History and feminist icon who was known for her humanitarian efforts. In her long career in politics, she fought for an expanded role of women in the workplace, the civil rights of African-Americans, and the rights of World War II veterans and refugees.

Early life

She did volunteer work for the New York Junior League and became fluent in French.


She had a very close relationship with Associated Press reporter Lorena Hickok and many historians contend that there was a sexual component to their friendship.

Family of Eleanor Roosevelt

Her uncle was former president Theodore Roosevelt.

Close associates of Eleanor Roosevelt

She was the wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the thirty-second president of the U.S and her fifth cousin, and she had six children by him.

Rosalynn Carter

About Rosalynn Carter

Former U.S. First Lady and wife of President Jimmy Carter who was known for her dedication to peace and human rights. She also worked as a special envoy to Latin America.

Early life

At thirteen-years-old, she helped her mother raise the family when her father died.


She launched Every Child By Two, a nationwide campaign that sought to increase early childhood immunizations. She devoted a lot of her time to the field of mental health while Jimmy Carter was Governor of Georgia.

Family of Rosalynn Carter

She married the thirty-ninth President of United States, Jimmy Carter, in 1946 and had four children with him.

Close associates of Rosalynn Carter

She was preceded by Betty Ford, wife of Gerald Ford, as First Lady of the United States.

Nancy Reagan

About Nancy Reagan

Former First Lady of the U.S who was married to President Ronald Reagan for 52 years. She was a well-known anti-drug advocate while in the White House.

Early life

She worked as a nurse s aide and sales clerk after attending Smith College in Massachusetts, where she majored in English and drama and graduated in 1943.


She starred as Nancy Davis in several films in the 1940s and 50s, including The Next Voice You Hear… (1950). She appeared in an episode of the popular 1980s sitcom Diff rent Strokes to promote her “Just Say No” anti-drug initiative.

Family of Nancy Reagan

She dated actors Clark Gable, Robert Stack, and Peter Lawford before marrying future president Ronald Reagan in March 1952. She had two children, Patti and Ronald Jr., and two step-children, Maureen and Michael. 

Close associates of Nancy Reagan

She began seeing Ronald Reagan after his spanorce from actress Jane Wyman.

Laura Bush

About Laura Bush

Former First Lady of the United States and wife of President George W. Bush. She spent her tenure in the White House as an advocate for educational reform and HIV/AIDS awareness.

Early life

In 1963, she ran a stop sign while driving, resulting in the accidental death of her friend Michael Dutton Douglas.


Her support of Roe v. Wade, a supreme court case that protects a woman s right to choose, was controversial because of her husband s conservative ideology.

Family of Laura Bush

She was working as a librarian in Austin, Texas when she met her future husband, George W. Bush. She married Bush in 1977 and subsequently gave birth to fraternal twins Jenna and Barbara Bush.

Close associates of Laura Bush

She married into the family of former President George H.W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush.

Jill Biden

About Jill Biden

Delaware educator and wife of Joe Biden, the 46th US President. Apart from being the First Lady of the United States, she has worked as a professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College. She has also done important work advocating for the rights of military families.

Early life

She was a waitress at the Jersey Shore before enrolling in a junior college in Pennsylvania to study fashion merchandising.


She became the first Second Lady to hold a paying job while her husband, Joe Biden, served as Vice President.

Family of Jill Biden

She married President Joe Biden in 1977, and the couple have a daughter together.

Close associates of Jill Biden

She worked with Michelle Obama to supply aid to Military families.